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  1. S

    Looking for some advice: first grow

    Hello ! Thank you for taking the time to help me for you do not know me and are incredibly kind to take the time out of your day to advise me. As in title ,this is my first grow! So i am fairly inexperienced. Here is some info on my setup though. -2x2.5 tent -(2) 300W ViparSpectra LED -4 Inch...
  2. IMG_20191010_090205.jpg


    Another bean mail came in as surprised me. Thank you stone otter for a these wicked beans . Lemon og and that's dark devil auto are next for sure.
  3. C

    Please help my auto GG#4

    Hello all this is my second grow and am having trouble with one of my seedlings. She’s stunted. It’s a auto gg#4 . Day 8 of sprout. I am thinking the ffof is a bit hot or maybe due to low rh until I bought a humidifier today. I have a green crack auto that is 13 days old from germination, only...
  4. Zombikush81

    Clone Royal Gorilla

    started 8 weeks of flowering, already I started to wash the roots from the 7th week .... I foresee to keep it again for 3/5 days peace & love
  5. FeloniousPunk

    Gord Downie Passes Away

    A sad day for all Canadians. Tragically Hip's Gord Downie dead at 53 - Entertainment - CBC News Peace. :peace:
  6. FeloniousPunk

    Cannabis and Dementia - Especially Alzheimers

    Does anybody have any experience with Cannabis and Dementia? Peace. :peace:
  7. FeloniousPunk

    Pure CBD to combat Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - CRPS

    Hi All, Does anyone know a supplier of CBD, no THC? There is an article in today's Toronto Star about a woman suffering from this terrible disease. Thornhill woman sees positivity through pain of rare disease | Toronto Star I going to send her friends the link to this thread. Hope we...
  8. FeloniousPunk

    Canada's New Cannabis Law

    Hi All, I think it is ugly, but it does move us forward. We will be one of a few countries with legal cannabis. I think it is morally bankrupt of the federal government NOT to allow carte blanche for minor possession. How many more people are going to have criminal records in the next year...
  9. R

    Help to put together a setup

    Hi! Can somebody with knowledge help me choose a tent size, carbon filter size m3.... Im planning to buy platinum led p600 (600w) And i have two 150 w hps. Also im planning to buy alien easy feed self watering system with 8x16L pots (soil). Is this light enough for 8 plants or more /less...
  10. Sun Valley

    Greeting from South Africa

    Hey all ... newly registered but been reading the forum for ages. Will try keep up with posts, for now here's a few of the girls busy this summer out in South Africa .. All my own crosses of Cheese Dawg X Kushberry, Cheese Dawg X Master Kush, Cheese Dawg X Kushberry X Cataract Kush, NYC Diesel...
  11. smokeywokey

    Hi from Oceania

    Hello, I'm looking forward to being part of the 420 community. Peace
  12. J

    UK stand up

    I'm very new to this site but I can tell that it is us basted and as I'm UK basted, just wonted to know of any UK basted activities planed and if not why not. Anyone UK basted or overseas know of anything going on please let me know.:thanks:
  13. MickFoster

    Barney's Farm - LSD

    I would appreciate any information that you can give on both the breeder and the strain. Thank You! Peace.
  14. High Priest V

    Name change please

    Good day admins.. :) I just checked the members list and the username "High Priest" has been taken by a member who hasn't logged in since 2008. Is there a possibility for me to change to that username instead? :) Thank you for your help in this. Cheers and be at peace... Always :Namaste:
  15. S

    Philippine Unknown Sativa

    Newbie here. Take a look at my girls and Please leave comments and suggestions =) peace
  16. Myxomatosis

    Hi there! Myxomatosis Rabbit here

    Hello Peeps!!! Hope you're doing awesome, I'm very new to all this, just today got my Purple Kush babies from Crop King Seeds and will be doing a journal on this strain, doing this for fun as a hobby.
  17. W

    Wertyu in the grow-house

    hey, just wanted to introduce myself, im looking foward to share my progress and stuff, peace
  18. R

    A Peace Pipe Made In America

    Is this a great country or what? Oh, sure, as Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump puts it, "We are led by very, very stupid people," but still – the ingenuity of the populace shines through. Sometimes the inhabitants of America find a path around their political potholes. Case...
  19. F

    Hola - Peace fellow gardeners!

  20. T

    Saliva drug test - Need some peace of mind

    I'm really just trying to get some peace of mind.. I'd really appreciate anyone's thoughts
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