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  1. niighaag

    Beginner Grower: New Active User On Forum

    Hello y'all! First off I want to say that this seems like a great forum, and i've been viewing it for alot of time without registrated. Here's a little introduction of my life, sit back and enjoy the show. To begin with I've always had a sweet tooth for growing (all kinds of stuff) , ever...
  2. C

    Quest diagnostic and pre-employment drug testing advice?

    I have been applying for jobs and I have to take a pee test, I believe at quest diagnostics. Does anyone know if they watch you pee or do you go to the restroom alone and use another persons urine? Thanks for any info you can give me. I smoke everyday and wouldn't be able to pass on my own.
  3. K

    Regular smoker - Pee test in 5 days - Help!

    Hello fellow smokers, I just got an amazing job offer, and was surprised by the drug test request. I typically stop smoking once I am in the market for a job, but honestly didn't think this company did drug tests. I find myself in a bad situation. I really *need* this job. So I need to pass...
  4. A

    Calling all Alaskans! Please help!

    Typical story here, i smoked weed a few weeks ago, and before that had been smoking regularly for 7 months prior. Im pretty chunky, so theres no way id be able to pass a pee test legit, aside from going ketogenic and working out all day everyday. I bought a box of 15 home tests off of amazon...
  5. T

    What are my chances?

    Drug test I took an ecup test for employement. I have not smoked in 21 days but home tests were coming back positive. I brought in clean pee but it wasnt enough so I used a splash of my midstream pee to top it off. I did the same thing I did at the clinic at home and the test came back...
  6. Supernova

    The right temperature?

    So here is the story, my husband had a surprise interview. Kind of late last night, they called him to come in early in morning the next day for the interview. It was shocking, so of course we know he is not clean (just weed). So we were told to go to the local shop to get the detox drink. He...
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