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    Peltier Technology

    Okay, I'm growing my own because I CAN'T afford to buy the stuff, thus I can't afford a massive dehumidifier. 1st time grower. Made my own tent using PCV and a polyester tent my wife made. NO light gets through. Inside has some silver reflective material I got from the hardware store. 2 6"...
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    DIY Inline Dehumidifier

    Hello fellow growers, In an attempt to lower humidity during vent off/CO2 spraying I built this inline dehumidifier which got coupled with another smaller inline vent I had lying around, circulating the air in the tent. The design is pretty straight forward, I used a 6Amp peltier element with...
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    Evolution of my DWC - V2.0

    So this was my first DWC and in three short weeks I'm on my third version. Reservoir holding 17gal 2 large air stones and one small...Most versions I saw during my research utilized a submersible pump for the top feed and added ice bottles to control temps So in v1.0 I decided I would use...