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    Danish Politicians Looking To Reduce Penalties For Driving Under Influence Of THC

    Many motorists punished for driving under the influence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) — the active ingredient in cannabis — complain that the effect of the drug had long worn off. THC can be detected in the bloodstream for three months after the intake of cannabis. And now a new bill prepared...
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    Wyoming Lawmakers To Consider Changing Marijuana Penalties

    Cheyenne, Wyo. - Wyoming lawmakers are set to consider changing the way the state penalizes marijuana during the next legislative session. The Wyoming Tribune Eagle reports that a proposal from the Joint Judiciary Committee's discussion on Thursday would reduce first-offense marijuana...
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    Harrisburg City Council Votes To Limit Marijuana Penalties

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - The city council in Pennsylvania's capital has reduced the penalties for possessing marijuana and smoking it in public. In Harrisburg, possessing a small amount of pot will be a summary offense - similar to a traffic citation - carrying a $75 fine. Smoking pot will...
  4. Julie Gardener

    Delaware: Medical Marijuana Law Overview and State Fines/Penalties - Archive

    Delaware Medical Marijuana Law Overview SUMMARY: Governor Jack Markell signed legislation -- Senate Bill 17, The Delaware Medical Marijuana Act -- into law on May 13, 2011. State regulators have up to one-year to draft regulations to formally govern the program. The law removes state-level...
  5. Julie Gardener

    Hawaii: Medical Marijuana Law Overview and State Fines/Penalties - Archive

    Hawaii Medical Marijuana Law Overview SUMMARY: Governor Ben Cayetano signed Senate Bill 862 into law on June 14, 2000. The law took effect on December 28, 2000. The law removes state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who possess a signed...
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