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  1. Preston9mm

    P9 & Bebes Smashin' Out Barney's Gear: Featuring Strawberry Lemonade, Peyote Critical, Shiskaberry & Peppermint Kush

    Every good journal needs a legit intro.... :19: I ain't got one! Earlier this year, I approached @Barney's Farm about sponsoring me for a grow; whatever hot strain they were trying to promote... They blessed TF outta me with a fat sack of beans. 25 total.... I wasn't able to fit em all in my...
  2. Virgin Ground

    Closet Farming With Barney's Gorilla Zkittlez, G13 Haze, Triple Cheese & More

    Hey y'all! I'd like to welcome you to my journal sponsored by Barney's Farm Cannabis seeds! I was contacted by Barney's awhile back and was asked to run some strains for them. I was excited at the opportunity set before me and I can tell you that it was very, very difficult choosing between all...
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