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perfect sun cob

  1. OntarioGro17

    Pineapple Chunk x4 Under Perfect Sun Cobs

    Hey all time for a new journal. This run I’ll be going with 4x Barney’s farm Pineapple Chunk. I’ve grown it once before and was overly impressed with the quality. I’ll be running them under my perfect sun con unit with supplemental perimeter lighting, they are in my 25 gallon rdwc...
  2. Lowded118

    Lowded Soil LED Raspberry Kush Upsizing From 4-20 Plants - 2017

    Hi this is my first journal. I grew a few crops in tents now I would like more room. I need to poly and set up my room. So here's what I have going on. Pots -3.5g Medium - promix hp Nutz - quickgrow part 123 and royal bloom 0-1-0 Strain - Raspberry Kush Not air cooled Temp - 27 day - 18 night...
  3. LEDRF

    Frosty Auto Mephitso Grow Perfect Sun Goliath & COB LED Coco

    Hey, welcome to my new grow journal. I'm looking to get some frosty autos that test 25% or higher. That is my goal, to beat 25% thc with autos. Here is the info of the grow and the first videos. Lights: Perfect Sun Spectrum Goliath and COB Medium: Pure coco 8x4 area, 16 plants...