perfect sun cob

  1. Lowded118

    Lowded Soil LED Raspberry Kush Upsizing From 4-20 Plants - 2017

    Hi this is my first journal. I grew a few crops in tents now I would like more room. I need to poly and set up my room. So here's what I have going on. Pots -3.5g Medium - promix hp Nutz - quickgrow part 123 and royal bloom 0-1-0 Strain - Raspberry Kush Not air cooled Temp - 27 day - 18 night...
  2. LEDRF

    Frosty Auto Mephitso Grow Perfect Sun Goliath & COB LED Coco

    Hey, welcome to my new grow journal. I'm looking to get some frosty autos that test 25% or higher. That is my goal, to beat 25% thc with autos. Here is the info of the grow and the first videos. Lights: Perfect Sun Spectrum Goliath and COB Medium: Pure coco 8x4 area, 16 plants...