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  1. Morglie

    Unable to upload photos from mobile app

    I'm having problems uploading pictures in the app on Android. It will try for a couple of seconds and then it gives me a failed upload and the app will suggest that perhaps I don't have the authorization to post pictures. Please help.
  2. C

    The Quest for long-lived perpetually-flowering Auto strains

    Hi there, Normally, when growers grow an auto strain, they kill the plant at the first harvest. This is because enthusiastic growers, keen to maximise their yield, harvest both the flowers and the leaves. If growers harvested only the bud, and left the leaves in tact, then the plant is apt to...
  3. W

    Hey folks

    Good evening everyone. Just want to introduce myself. I'm Women growers I run blog under the same name. Looking for few advices here and perhaps maybe i can share my experience and knowledge sometime. Happy to join 420 family. Love WG
  4. F

    Advice needed

    Hi I would really appreciate some advice regarding a grow tent setup ( I am a complete noob) I have access to only a few places locally I was thinking of getting a starter pack like the following Complete Indoor Grow Tent - Hydro Herb AfricaHydro Herb Africa and adding the...
  5. cannilingus

    Dinafem OG Kush

    the result of my free seed. took cuttings from this, that are going in soon. smells great, tight buds, and, my usual yeild. perhaps 2 oz. it may just be a keeper. very sticky, too. but, no visible crystals. very sticky, and dank smelling. like lemons and such.
  6. Fuzzy Duck

    Jeremy Corbyn would legalise cannabis for medicinal use - The next Obama?

    Read on or his he trying to stay popular ? Jeremy Corbyn's Cannabis Policy Endorsed By Former Goverment Drugs Adviser David Nutt Jeremy Corbyn would legalise cannabis for medicinal use - Mirror Online Or just perhaps riding the same band wagon of the lib dem's ! Liberal Democrats call for a...
  7. improvise

    Cannabis petition

    Last year it was debated in parliament U.K. Result Make the production, sale and use of cannabis legal. - Petitions I was thinking after the Brexit happens in the near future perhaps it can be debated again this time without E.U constraints. regards
  8. K

    Sorry for being an idiot - 1st grow - Yellowing leaves - Mg def?

    Hi all, Does anyone have any idea what this looks like? Foliar over feeding perhaps? PH too high perhaps? I'm trying my first small grow in a tent in the basement. Full story here: Ktzn Leaves are turning yellow. I foliar fed two days ago. Looks to me as if I either overfed or have...
  9. R

    Washington: Higher Ground - Coming Out Of The Cannabis Closet

    How can we remove the stigma of pot use? Maybe give it a spiritual spin? I was recently asked to participate on a panel that was part of a charity auction for a local non-profit. The organizer was excited to have me involved, but wanted to make sure I didn't mention my work in the cannabis...