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    Topping in pre-flower?

    Can I top during pre-flowering? Just to make it clear, when I say pre-flowering i'm refering to the period of time that goes from the beggining of flowering until buds start to show up. This mean the period of time in which the plant just stretches right before bud formation takes place. Im...
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    Best time to begin using the bloom spectrum

    Hi All! 2 weeks into my 4th grow. I recently got a 400w Meizhi led with veg/bloom switch. At the wall with both sections on the light draws about 172 watts that breaks down to 116 - veg and 56 - bloom. When should I start to use the bloom? Before changing the photo period or when the photo...
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    Indoor flowering to outdoor flowering

    Hi, I have 4 plants. I've been growing it for two months. Now entering the flowering period (12/12) If I get these plants outdoor. Do they complete the flowering period? Is the outdoor flowering complete without problems? Would there be any problem?
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    Seedlings Dying Any Help!

    I'm growing Purple Kush and Pineapple Express in DWC. The PK is a few weeks older than the PE. I'm growing in a 5 gallon tote in a 3.5x3.5x5'6" tent. I'm using RO water and Dutch Nutrient Formula Gro A and B. My ph is 5.6-6.3 as it rises every few days I Ph down. They are growing under an LED...