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  1. Y

    1st grow in a 4x4

    Hey everybody I’m new to this & I just started my Grow. I got 6 regular seeds of sonic boom in party cups. They have all just sprouted. They are looking beautiful. I can’t wait to track my journal with you all.
  2. L

    Seedling getting yellow tips and leaves

    i am growing an autoflower Auto Amnesia haze day 15 since planted in soil only fed with water PH no nutes yet , soil is 3 compost 3 peat moss 2 perlite 1 vermiculite , shall i start the flora nova grow ??
  3. Justones

    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk Feminized in perlite advice?

    Planning on doing an indoor 2.5 x 2.5 area grow. In a hempy bucket style with perlite. With a 300w led grow light. My previous grow was outdoors in a bucket using soil. I should state that on that grow. I studied what to look for from looking at plant leaves. I bought mostly separate supplies...
  4. E

    El M80 Grows Perlite Recirculating 600W HPS Vert

    Hi how are we all ? Well recently I had a few old clones I had to revegetate and I decided to transplant them into perlite 20L pots with feeder rings. Once they recovered from flop they took off as usual. The strains were decent grade smoko in soil. I have grown perlite recirculating systems on...
  5. P

    What soil do I use?

    Hi I'm a new grower and was wondering what soil is good to grow in. I was thinking about mixing fox farm; bush doctor coco loco, ocean forest potting soil, and Big & Chunky Perlite. Would you suggest mixing these? If not what mix? How much of each? Also how long after planting should I start...
  6. SweetSue

    Hempy Headquarters

    Ultra Dawg (Day 86, flip + 18) I potted up a clone of Thin Mint GSC today, the latest of my hempy plants, and dropped a new seed in another hempy cup, a Blue Dream, the genetic product of MagicJim's talented hands. :4: :Love: I'm hoping I can make the Blue Dream as healthy and strong in...
  7. Tihoman

    First time grow - Appreciate feedback and assessment

    Hey guys, new to the forum and the growing :) I am curious are the plants ok should they be bigger in this stage or not and if i schould change something? Indoor grow, bio soil with perlite, 300w led Viparspectra and carbon filter , 0,5m2 growbox. White widow and amnesia haze day 19
  8. TheFertilizer

    Mold/Rot on Clone's stem

    So someone here told me that putting a pebble of perlite in the hole between the stem and the rockwool is good for keeping light out, but I noticed this disolcoration on the stem of one of my clones and couldn't tell if it was just stain from Clone-X or damping off/rot. Well I moved the perlite...
  9. F

    Advice on soil mixture to keep soil the most dry

    Hi Everyone, I'm in the Carribbean, it's gloomy and rainy here right now and my outdoor soil is waterlogged and can't dry even in 10 days, the plants simply don't grow, and nothing (floating row covers, etc.) can block the rain effectively. So here's the plan ;) I got some great advice...
  10. B

    500 Watt LED - Shed Grow

    Ok so the babies are a few weeks old dont remember exactly, i really thought i killed them all at first they were super stretched yellow wirh brown spots all over them.. an yea i was using mg perlite an peat moss.. now there in a mix of happy frog an about 30% perlite under a mars 700 an a mars...
  11. S

    White Widow & Money Maker LED Perlite Hempy Manifold

    This run will be 5 - Crop King - White Widow and 5 - Strain Hunter - Money Maker. They have already been mained to 4 mains each and are being grown in 100% perlite hempies. Grow is in a 3x3 tent with 2 - Mars 144 reflector series lights. Nutrients will be GH flora series. Will upload some...
  12. D


    A word of caution for those who use perlite. I've recently picked up a back of Black Gold perlite from Sun Gro Horticulture (8-quart bag), and wish I hadn't. As always, I thoroughly rinse my soil additives. For perlite I use a 5-gallon paint strainer bag. Works perfectly. While rinsing...
  13. punkxdontdie

    DIY Tent Grow - Bag Seed

    Hey guys. It's been along time not growing and really wanted to start again. So here I am. I built a small 18in×18in×44in tent. I'm gonna grow one plant right now which will be from Bagseed. For now I will be using perlite and Pete moss. I will be building a true 90watt led here pretty...
  14. R

    Soil mix questions

    So I'm making my own soil mix which is basically just bagged organic potting soil with vermiculite and perlite that I'm mixing in.. but there is apparently a perlite shortage in my area, we'll the 3 places I looked are out and not getting anymore anytime soon.. I had the idea of mixing in pea...
  15. B

    150W HPS - 206W LED - Bag Seed Grow

    Got a couple bagseed starting out, 10 days old. Sprouted on August 11 by means of paper towel method. I planted in medium containing hyponex potting soil, some random seedling starter mix, and some perlite. My lights are in the title but I have a few small 6500k cfl 23w bulbs supplement if needed.
  16. K

    During transplant in new pot newly mixed soil almost all perlite parts drained

    during transplant in new pot, newly mixed soil almost all perlite parts drained in tub? when i was watering them all the perlite parts came out thru the bottom hole. when i finished watering it took a little bit of time for the pot to drain. now what? should i wait till dry and then readd...
  17. Bacondoggy

    Sprouting in just perlite

    I've seen this done with pretty good success but is there any downsides? Also, the perlite I have is miracle grow and it's .07.07.07. That won't hurt or burn the sprout right? I hear some people rinse it off first but I prefer not to if I don't have to...should I put some peat so it's perlite...
  18. StickyGig

    Smart pot drying question

    Growing a Sweet seeds mix of autos. Total of seven under a mars 2 1200. I'm growing in 5 gallon smart pots and geopots. Im using ffof and ff happy frog and perlite at a ratio of 50/50/20. Im in a tent 4x4x7 that ranges in temperatures from 75-87 degrees fahrenheit. RH runs between 40-50%. I have...
  19. B

    Second LED Grow

    Start @ 20/01/2016 4 x 2 Gallon round and 1 x 1 Gallon round pots MEDIUMS 2 x 50 % Coco/50 % Perlite - 2 Gallon pots 1 x 70 % Coco/30 % Perlite - 2 Gallon 1 x 100 % Coco - 2 Gallon 1 x 100 % Perlite - 1 Gallon SEED Bag seed - pot luck again ! NUTES Flairform CalMag GH Gro,Micro and Bloom GH...
  20. H

    Hydro1000 - 2016 - Perlite/Hempy Bucket - Multi-Strain - Perpetual Grow

    It sure is great to be here around so many great people, great growers, great info......just an all around great site to be on!! Thanks all for your stories of family and friends, my heart goes out to all who have fought and are still fighting for a better quality of life with this remarkable...
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