1. HigherTheHigh

    Help help help! Start of bud rot and need the ingredients solution

    like above says my buds iv just harvested is starting to get it, is it hydrogen peroxide i buy to wash them? whats the mixture too? thanks!
  2. S

    Does this look like a healthy 14 day old?

    Malawi Gold auto fem (Crop King Seeds) 2 plants soil with 4-1-4 and perlite mixture 200 watts of 6500k CFL's Ph@ 6.5 Lights up 6-8 inches from plants Flora Nova Gro with a touch of molasses and 3% Hydrogen Peroxide 1/4 Strength 3 gal square pots from start, room temp 75-80 max,RH @50%
  3. B

    Has anyone use hydrogen peroxide to germinate? Does it help?

    Has anyone use hydrogen peroxide to germinate their seeds I was told if you use one cup of distilled water with one cap full of hydrogen peroxide it would help it Germinate better has anyone tried this and what was your results?
  4. WildestViolet

    Cloning and Genetics question

    I posted a question yesterday and being new to this site, I probably did it wrong so forgive the repetition, because I am still unsure how to delete a post. I have copied and pasted it here for feedback..Thanks All. My questions may seem pathetic at first, so bear with me. We had a bacterial...
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