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  1. TriangleCheese

    TriangleCheese's Multistrain Perpetual Ride: Actual 450Watts Quantum Boards & 120Watts Vipar R300's Bloom Tent

    Greetings :cough: I have been harvesting perpetually for a while and decided to start a perpetual journal like some of our fellow growers here do. I just harvested my small Blue Cheese plant yesterday. Grow turned out nice. If anybody is interested, you guys can check BC from the link in my...
  2. Far East Buds

    Far East Buds Perpetual Run Has Continued!

    OK so here is the current deal. I have been growing all along (2014) but haven't been posting on 420 due to a lack of time and also motivation. I have continued with my perpetual run and have had up to 25 ? strains running simultaneously. I have things pretty well dialed in and consistent for...
  3. ilikemsticky

    Sticky's Almost Perpetual Grow

    total organic!
  4. Van Stank

    Stanks Go Perpetual In 2018!

    Hey 420!!! The new year is upon us and the Stanks have decided to go perpetual. We had a great time on our first two grows but we have decided to change things up a bit. In our first grows, I did most of the growing work and Ms Stank helped where needed and at harvest times. This year, she...
  5. P

    PierceStoned's LED Soil Chocolate Cookies Perpetual Grow

    Howdy Y'all!!! It is really good to finally be able to start journaling my small time perpetual grow. I have already learned so much, and I look forward to having a few more people on board as I continue with my quest to grow my own medicine. Lets get to it! Strain: Germinated three feminised...
  6. Dinsdale

    Dinsdale's Perpetual Grow - Exotic Thai - Flo - NYC Diesel & More

    Hello everybody! Here's a quick introduction. I'm a home grower since December and I learned a lot on this forum. I don't really care about yield, because I vape about 5g per month and I harvested about 50g in April (my first ever indoor grow). So even with low yields, I still harvest more than...
  7. OttawaGreen

    OG's Hi Brix Organic: LEDs, Perpetual Harvest

    Hello everyone, I am starting a new journal. I am starting hi brix growing using doc buds kit. I will be doing a perpetual harvest in my 2x6' cabinet. 2x4' for veg. Just started 14 seeds and have a few clones from before too (mostly new kinds though for variety)
  8. Islandgrow

    Islandgrower's Outdoor Perpetual Grow Journey

    Hi all just realised I have been here on 420 for a while and haven't started a journal. I veg indoors and out and flower outdoors due to the lack of a proper growroom. For now I will show some of whot I have about 3 to 4 weeks in flower growing in peat based mixes. Feeding earthjuice products...
  9. Imagine420

    Imagine's Indoor Perpetual Grow!

    Hello everyone at 420Magazine! Welcome to my never ending indoor grow! Feel free to follow along, ask any questions, and especially give me tips as im relatively new to this site and growing in general. Here's a little bit about my general setup Lights/Ballast: - Vivosun 400w MH/HPS Cooltube -...
  10. MostlyCloudy

    Mostly Cloudy Grow Room

    What it is, what it ain't 420? I'm back to try this again. I had some issues last go round and I abandoned my last journal. Crop finished solid minus bushes full of seeds but hey I won't be running short anytime soon. What I got: 3×3 veg tent 600 W MH adjustable ballast 4x2.5 flower tent 1K...
  11. F

    2 Liter Hempy Perpetual

    01/30/17 - Seeds Ordered!!! I finally ordered my seeds yesterday. This will be my 3rd order from TSSC and hopefully will go as smooth as the first. Genetics: Nirvana Seeds 3 x Blue Mystic (reg) 3 x Northern Lights (reg) Speed Seeds 1 Diesel Auto (fem) 1 Amnesia Auto (fem)...
  12. R

    Autoflowering perpetual?

    if i have a tent and put couple in evry 30 days moving left to right inside tent i will have cont. amount of meds right 4x4x7 tent, 5 gallon felt grow pots.......... how many every 30 days? 2 or 4? i think 3 sets of 4 for a full tent! lst on all plants!
  13. closetcasecfl

    My perpetual grow room design - Sketchup

    Please let me know what you guys think. Constructive criticism welcome :thankyou:
  14. closetcasecfl

    Perpetual Capn Style Grow Tent Rockwool

    Welcome to my new grow journal. I think I'll call this one "third time lucky" I have did a small closet grow that taught me a lot! After that I got a 1.5mx1.5mx2m grow tent and scaled things up a bit. It was going great and then BAM! I had to move, just when flowering started. Safe to say...
  15. Young Yoda

    Young Yoda's Organic Autothon Adventure - Beginner Setup - Dinafem 3 Strains

    Welcome, welcome one and all! I am Young Yoda, a budget-oriented very much amateur grower who wants to teach and learn. First off, I've no idea what I'm doing! The mysteries of the photoperiod plant still evade me and I'm going to attempt some autoflowers? I must be crazy! But that's no...
  16. QKrop

    Q's Krop

    What's good everyone, Came back after a brief break. I will be doing an on-going, perpetual journal with a mixture of regular and auto plants. So far I have a clone which is in week 6 of flowering: And two autos: Auto Afghan: Auto Skunk: The two autos sit inside 3...
  17. L

    The Fiks Factory - 3x3 600W HPS & 1x3 300W LED - Coco Coir - Multi-Strain - Perpetual

    Waddup waddup waddup. Back again, with a new grow, and a few new tricks. Made some changes to the setup, runnin separate exhaust arms for my carbon filters and light hood. Went all semi rigid 6 in duct, built a intake air filter, and sealed off the vent window. Added an occilating tower fan and...
  18. Enkidu

    Coco Enkidu Grow Journal 2016

    Welcome to my grow journal - 1st. This journal will be about my attempt at a perpetual grow using a Coco Organic mix (really just a version of super-soils on countless journals just to see if it works) in the below tent set up. I welcome any advice and look forward to meeting you :Namaste...
  19. Canna Montana

    Welcome All My Friends To The Show That Never Ends - Canna M & Nismo12 Team Up!

    Ladies and Gentlemen!! Adults of all ages!! Come one, come all... :welcome: Since we live together, and grow together it only makes sense we have a journal together. Today was an exciting day for us. We decided after a good amount of research, we would become cloners. Currently Nismo has...
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