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  1. Canna Montana

    Welcome All My Friends To The Show That Never Ends - Canna M & Nismo12 Team Up!

    Ladies and Gentlemen!! Adults of all ages!! Come one, come all... :welcome: Since we live together, and grow together it only makes sense we have a journal together. Today was an exciting day for us. We decided after a good amount of research, we would become cloners. Currently Nismo has...
  2. The Dealer

    The Dealer's Choice - Mars Pro Cree256 & Cree128s Perpetual In High-Brix!

    :welcome: Space - Veg Tent - GL120 3'11''x3'11''x6'7'' Flower Tent - GL145 4'9''x4'9''x6'7'' Lights - Veg 4x 270watt GalaxyHydro UFO LEDs Bloom Mars Hydro Pro series Cree256 LED Mechanical timers Veg - 18/6 Bloom 12/12 Autos 20/4 Medium - 10 Gallon Smart pots with Doc Bud's High Brix...
  3. lootznbootz

    Lootznbootz - 3x3 - 600W - Soil - Hydro

    Ok so we all know why we're here so im just gunna jump right into it. This is my second grow only this time i went out and spent some money. EQUIPMENT: 4x3 tent (3x3 flower side & 1x3 veg side) 600w digital dimmable ballast MH/HPS Air cooled hood 440 cfm inline fan & carbon scrubber...
  4. L

    FIKS' Perpetual ScrOg 3x3 - 1 x 3 600 Watt HPS - 300 Watt LED - Coco Coir

    Waddup fellower growers, im back, and ready to finish a journal. So I'll just jump right in. This is a legal, recreational marijuana grow for personal consumption only. The hardware: Secret jarden lodge knock off tent 3ft wide, 4ft long, 6 ft tall 2 room tent (3x3 flower 1x3 veg rooms)...
  5. OEF Vet 11B

    400W MH - Northern Lights - White Widow - Strawberry Cough - 600W HPS Flower

    I'm legalize. Been around the forums for the past year or so hiding in the background. Read a lot of sweet sue, major pita, and many others (for some reason I can't remember names) so if we could get a drop in by some of the big whips I'd be stoked. I have wanted to do a journal for a while now...
  6. smokiebear

    Perpetual Confusion

    Seriously dumb question, but I'm having a moment. I plant 2 plants at the same time. One finishes earlier, by a week or two, so you harvest and plant the next. The second plant finishes, so harvest and plant another. So on and so forth... Basically you have 2 plants and every time one finishes...
  7. Far East Buds

    Far East Buds 1st DWC Grow

    I was given an older 400w light setup so I recently decided to start a perpetual grow. I did a lot of consideration as to what type and how and actually over analyzed a lot of it. I decided on a DWC system and pull clones as needed to keep it rolling. I would use a tent to separate the light...
  8. J189RFC

    Perpetual Macro

    Place for all the pics where your right up in there making lady Jane blush. Post your best macro shots here, I will too! :Love::Love::Love::Love: Auto Northern Lights 2014
  9. D

    Driftme's Perpetual Airpot/LED Grow

    Alright, starting a new journal for this next phase, picking up new clones every 2 weeks.. hopefully will have some good variety and a lot of different strains to practice tending to cannabis. Strain: Amnesia, Tahoe Thunder Medium: Soil in 3L airpots Environment: Indoor, LED Wholesalers...
  10. cannasensei

    My Med Grow - A Lot Of Pics - No Slow Wifi - Seriously

    Hey all. I have been a member of other forums for years with one in particular being my home. Of late the focus has turned to gun debates and trolling so I've decided to uproot and see if I can find a community focused on its stated intent. With that said lets get this started. I am a huge fan...
  11. I

    What to do with extra clones

    So I run a simple 4 bucket rdwc and am currently near the end of veg stage in my first ever grow. They were started from seeds. I have 2 separate room (veg/bloom) for a perpetual grow setup. My plan is take 4 cuttings from each of my 4 girls making a total of 16 clones then move the 4 plants...
  12. Q

    5x5 T5 1000w Soil Grow - Purple Caper Seeds - 5 Strains

    Hey guys this is my third journal and I have a bit of experience under my belt but i am always willing to get better, so constructive criticism is more than welcome. PURPLE CAPER SEEDS I received this batch of seeds from Natural Herbal Pain Relief in San Jose, Ca and decided to go with PCS...
  13. Mrgivemethat

    Blue Planet Powered 18 Strain Hempy

    Hey everyone, glad to be here have been here reading alot ive been running hempy for a couple months in now I started on December 13 so im a couple months I started with some bagseed then but finally ordered and on 12/27 I recieved 1 NIRVANA WHITE WIDOW, 1 GHS EXODUS CHEESE, 1 GHS AMS, 1 GHS THE...
  14. M

    Perpetual 1000 watt MH/HPS DIY fox farm Soil grow

    details of grow: strain is unkown, its bagseed soil is fox farm happy frog and ocean forest mixed with lots of perlite and earthworm castings. nutrients is the fox farm trio lights are a 1000 watt metal halide and 1000 watt HPS W/ hortilux bulbs and home made reflectors...
  15. Batcave

    600W HPS - Light Mover - 3x4x7.5 Tent - LED Veg - Perpetual Pt. 2

    Welcome to the BatCave and to the HPS version of my perpetual grow. I have been growing successfully with LED's for the last year, HPS the year before that. I started up my 250HPS with my LED's when I switched to a much larger tent than I have been using, mostly to keep the tent in the 70's. My...
  16. psyence

    Psyentific Perpetual Harvest: Phase 1: Dream Queen Ebb & Flow 2010

    My perpetual harvest setup currently consists of 16 Purple Kush and 16 the Purps plants flowering and you may follow them here. In the mean time I setup this journal to follow the veg progress of the Dream Queen, so let's get to it shall we? :yummy: I've cloaked my small hall closet with mylar...
  17. G

    Utopian Sub v2 - You, Me, and Barney's Farm Makes 3 - Perpetual 2000w

    Welcome to my Utopian Sub v2.0.1 A medical grow for me and a few other patients. * Bucket Sizes: o 3.5, 5, 7 gallon * Mediums: o Soil: 75% Pro-Mix 25% Perlite o Ebb and Gro: Hydroton Clay * Lights: o (3) 600w...
  18. G

    Utopian Submarine - 2000W, Indoor, Perpetual

    :welcome: Gonna do a perpetual grow in an 8x5x8 converted bathroom. When its up and running, the goal is to have the following going simultaneously: 6-12 clones or seeds - Rockwool for 1-2 weeks 6-11 veg - Rockwool for 2-3 weeks 6-8 early flower - 2.5G Grodan for 3-6 weeks 6-8 late flower -...
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