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  1. G

    Does Gorilla Glue Need Carbon Filter?

    A person I know locally said they have some Gorilla Glue seeds. Not sure if #1 or #4. Would a person need an odor eliminating system for them? Thanks
  2. K

    MA: Police Offer Guidance On Marijuana Legalization

    With the legalization of recreational and commercial marijuana going into effect today, some regulations have changed and others remains the same under the new state law. Law enforcement agencies statewide received guidance on Wednesday from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety...
  3. Greensmurf420

    Medical Marijuana Card holders and firearms

    Did you know that of you are a legal medical marijuana card holder you can not possess a firearm or ammunition? What would happen if someone found out we have a medical marijuana card and try to rob/hurt us? Shouldn't we have the right to protect ourselves and our much needed medication...
  4. K

    IL: Peoria Defense Attorney Welcomes Change In Marijuana Laws

    Peoria - Local attorney Jeff Hall said new laws regarding how much marijuana must be in a person's system before he is considered impaired are long overdue. Last week, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a measure that got rid of the "zero tolerance" laws regarding marijuana and the state's DUI laws...
  5. K

    Harrisburg City Council Votes To Limit Marijuana Penalties

    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - The city council in Pennsylvania's capital has reduced the penalties for possessing marijuana and smoking it in public. In Harrisburg, possessing a small amount of pot will be a summary offense - similar to a traffic citation - carrying a $75 fine. Smoking pot will...
  6. K

    Five Star Munchies - Inside Weed-Infused Fine Dining

    California voters are getting ready to vote on whether or not marijuana should be legalized for recreational use and one local chef is hoping to capitalize on his new cannabis-infused gourmet meals. "I do cannabis-infused fine dining and to me it's like how a glass of wine can be paired with...
  7. P

    Patient getting too high

    Hi folks, Someone I know who is taking home-made oil that has been made in a fairly decent process (youtube link below) from weed bought in a Dutch coffeeshop seems to be getting too "high" when ingesting the oil, which is diluted about 1:6 with olive oil. They started with 3 drops and...