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    HELP! Any suggestions on how to get rid of pest? xO

    Just yesturday i have discovered that my plants are getting little small bugs/pests. I have seen myself small little tiny white looking bugs under the fan leaves of the plants. below i will post pictures of some signs that my plants might have other kinds of pest aswell. I have done some...
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    Help! Sick Plant!

    Hey there I was wondering if someone could help me diagnose the issue with my seedling. I'm a first time grower so by no means an expert. I've noticed discoloration in my leaves (white and brown marks), I've also noticed the newest leaves are curling severely downwards. I seriously cannot figure...
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    New grower Can someone help me identified what the problem ?

    My plant are at their 6st week of flowering and its been a week since those kind of deficency appere what can i do? I been using miracle grow for soil and fox farm for nutriments feeding them twice a week . And my last plant what just star flowering turn...
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    White Flies

    Hi everybody. I'm into my 60 days of veg. when i noticed white flies. I just dicovered them, they are few but i know they'll multiply fast and be a prob. soon if i don't do anything about it. Any suggestions to get rid and some info about this pest. Thanks in advance PEACE
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    SCROG? and Damn Flies! Help please

    Hi all Currently attempting my first SCROG grow , and im looking for a little advice on what to do next. My plants are just popping through my screen. Iv just switched onto 12 hours on and 12 hours off. I know that SCROG is basically training the plants , but im a little unsure on what...
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    little white bugs are in the soil so what are they and will they afect my baby plant my friend said that if you put snd at the top of the soil about a cm will it work peace out smoke well
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