pest control

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    Spider mites correct? There are more do feel like it’s gone down a bit . Being attacked next treatment I will hit with 70% usp alcohol to a mil per litre ?
  2. G

    Move plants from outdoors to indoors?

    Hello! Planted these guys (Amnesia Haze - autoflowering - three plants) in our greenhouse about four weeks ago and they don't seem to be growing as much as they should, and most recently have been ravaged by pests! We've used diatomaceous earth and garlic spray to try and keep them at bay. We...
  3. C

    Ladybug farming?

    Hey everyone i'm new to the boards here, but have found the posts i've read extremely helpful. Something I have been interested in trying, but have found little talk of, is keeping ladybugs around. I have done a little of my own research but am looking to get a few direct responses from...
  4. H

    What kind of spidermite is that?

    Hi Fellas, I have a small grow room with 6 plants. All is different strains due to experimental purpose. I use coco and Canna products and some of Advanced Nutrients products for support. I used to add some Parker Neem Oil to prevent my plants against to bug or insect attacks but when I mixed...
  5. RoboticGanja

    Timed ozone treatment for eliminating pests, odor, and keeping grow room hospitable..

    I am considering (at least preemptively) setting up a barebones ozone generator with dispersal fan on a timer to inoculate my grow area about 3 times daily, for about 30 minutes each time. I want to control odor, control pests (I have none yet), and I want to ensure my secret closet doesn't...
  6. B

    Fruit Flys / Gnats?

    High all. I've had my grow going for several weeks now and a week or so ago I noticed what are very, very, tiny winged critters... if I had to identify them, I'd say they were either fruit flys or gnats but that would be my best guess. They do not appear to be bothering my plants at all but a...
  7. trichomes

    Photo of InchWorm after first meal of plant with BT "salad dressing"

    Safe to say he hatched, he ate & he died before he took his first shit! Shown at the tip of a match-head. Picture taken with 15 dollar USB microscope.
  8. E

    Who else has bought ed rosenthal's new book?

    Hello.:welcome: i had just bought the book today. i was wondering if anyone else has it. how they like it, any parts in particular i should study over an over, so forth.... thank you all! i hope the book is as good as i've been told:cheer2: