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pest identification

  1. L

    Newbie need help identifying these

    Hi all, im pretty new to growing and this fall was my first harvest. I found what look like larva in multiple buds and was hoping for help identifying them. Thank you in advance
  2. D

    HELP! Any suggestions on how to get rid of pest? xO

    Just yesturday i have discovered that my plants are getting little small bugs/pests. I have seen myself small little tiny white looking bugs under the fan leaves of the plants. below i will post pictures of some signs that my plants might have other kinds of pest aswell. I have done some...
  3. W

    Stop eating my plant!

    I've just changed to my 12/12 cycle, less than a week ago. I've noticed that soemthing seems have gotten into my indoor grow and is munching on my leaves. There is also some wetness, but I'm not sure if this is related. I was thinking of investing in some diatomaceous earth, would this be...
  4. C

    Pest identification

    Hey people, I am new to growing marijuana and am having a bit of trouble with my plant. Its outdoors in a 10 gallon pot and the end of the vedge stage. The leaves closest to the base are yellowing and falling off theres also this speckling happening on the top of all the leaves. i suspect...
  5. trichomes

    Any members seen one of these? Please help me ID this thing!

    Any members seen one of these? Please help me ID this thing!
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