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pest problems

  1. D

    HELP! Any suggestions on how to get rid of pest? xO

    Just yesturday i have discovered that my plants are getting little small bugs/pests. I have seen myself small little tiny white looking bugs under the fan leaves of the plants. below i will post pictures of some signs that my plants might have other kinds of pest aswell. I have done some...
  2. G

    Can anyone identify this microscopic pest?

    Hello, i noticed the leaves on my plant were under attack—basically a seedling still. I cut the end off of a leaf that was being eaten and discovered these little bugs(?). I live in a cabin located almost in the center of 50 acres of woods owned by my sister in Mannsville, NY. We are surrounded...
  3. P

    Auto grow disaster

    I am currently growing a auto anesthesia plant outdoors in the UK. I grew it indoors for about 4 weeks and then moved it outside. It has been outside for 2weeks now. Disaster struck about 4 days after moving outside when half of one of the leaves was eaten off. Another leaf was then eaten off...
  4. kaylablazeit

    One of my plants have symphillids, how do i get rid of these?

    PLEASE HELP! I read that they could be deadly so what do I need to by and where can I get it? NEED A REPLY ASAP
  5. B

    Fruit Flys / Gnats?

    High all. I've had my grow going for several weeks now and a week or so ago I noticed what are very, very, tiny winged critters... if I had to identify them, I'd say they were either fruit flys or gnats but that would be my best guess. They do not appear to be bothering my plants at all but a...
  6. R

    Could someone tell me if this looks like powdery mildew or white mold? please

    I've been neeming my plants since day one and just had a friend over to just take a peek at my stuff and he claims that i have powdery mildew and white mold and i need to chuck these babies out? they've been in there since the 3/27 and im just like what lol i got some green cure after...
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