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  1. Troy01

    Help Identify Bug

    I'm on my first indoor grow and have 2 plants (Girl Scout Cookies and Platinum) that are in week 2 of flowering stage. The plants are growing well and are about 4 feet tall and forming nice buds. I have some type of pest that I am unable to identify. It appears like something sucking the...
  2. B

    Is this some kind of nutrient deficiency?

    This girl have already got nute burns (lost few pair of leaves) and then it grew up new healthy leaves for like a week and then it seem to be sick again. ) oh after it recover from note burn i moved it to a lot bigger pot (about a gallon) and i water them lesser time but lots of it each...
  3. C

    Is this a pest?

    The image show it, is this a pest? I doesn't move even when removed from the leaves
  4. 4

    Clones from dispensaries - Northern California - Current health status

    First time grower here. I have read previous threads regarding buying clones from dispensaries. I understand that there is an inherent risk of buying clones with some form of pest of disease. If I were to take that chance, which clubs should I go to in the bay area? Are pest and diseases from...
  5. S

    Name This Pest?

    Guys I need some info on this pest, I've looked around and didn't find anything quite like it. Any help is appreciated thanks!
  6. RRolex215

    Indoor grow major bug problem

    Hi 420 members, I am in need of advise on what I should do with the pest problem I have. To start with Thrip, Spider Mites an Aphids. I have tried using insecticidial soaps, things seems to have worsen. this is in my flowering room, I am 5 days away from harvest on 3 plants...
  7. P

    My organic pest killer

    I was experimenting and i made this great pest killer all bugs died in 2 days. Recipe in 1 liter water you add 5ml dish soap and you add 1 tea bag Valeriana. Valerian is an herb. Medicine is made from the root. Valerian is most commonly used for sleep disorders, especially the inability to...
  8. Justones

    Moving outside need natural pest control

    Had to move outside the dome tent. Needed more room & wanted more sun. Now I need pest control. Natural would be good. Flowering just began a week ago. I have been keeping a keen eye on small worm/caterpillar like munchers..also had a few spiders. I find looking from the bottom up towards the...
  9. B

    Name That Pest!

    Ok guys, I was watering tonight and came upon a pest. Try as I can I could not get one to get a picture and I have found nothing through a quick Google search. I was watering one of my plants and noticed a very small white/translucent bug crawl up the stem, possibly to avoid the water. It was...
  10. M

    Pest damage?

    Im wondering if this is from a pest? I've seen spider mites, leafhoppers, a caterpillar, and maybe fungus gnats? Sprayed a little bit of soap/water for the mites but this damage is only showing up on a couple tips of new growth. The leaf with holes in it happened very quickly, at first is...
  11. Gandolf The Great

    Help! I Think I Got Thrips!

    Help! I woke up this morning to my plant leaning over near the top. As I was propping it up I noticed this jumping flying insect in the back. I killed it. But then I noticed another. This one was kinda hard to kill. He jumped from plant to plant from wall to wall. When I did squish him he jumped...
  12. S

    Thrips 21 days into flower - Please help

    strains: fy9, alien og, and critical hog Fy9-sativa/indica(25%)/sativa(75% Alien og-Hybrid/Indica Dominant Critical hog- indica soil/Fox farm OF indoor x2 315 Lec's ph 6.3-6.5 RH varies havent got good at controlling this(first grow) 40-60 pest-thrips watering every 3-4 days...
  13. E

    Something is eating my leaves!

    Hello fellow growers, this is my first post/grow! I'm currently on day 25 of veg with some good old bag seed. I have been watching my plants closer the past few days because it looks like something is slowly eating my leaves. Iv checked on the leaves, under the leaves and everywhere possible and...
  14. A

    A bug in Paradise?

    greetings everyone. i am a new grower that suspects he might be dealing with his first grow room pest, and just trying to determine exactly what i am looking at here. they are enclosed in a tent in a cool, finished basement where i run a dehumdifier to try and keep humidity regulated. to this...
  15. B

    Help identify pest

    So about a week ago i noticed some of the leaves on a few of my girls had holes/cuts in them. I looked and looked for any insects but couldn\'t find any until two days ago. I spotted a very small fly looking insect that had a reddish color. Its not spider mites (didn\'t look like a mite of any...
  16. N

    420's Indoor Early Vixen Grow Journal - Nov 2015

    Hi Friends, I don't want to murder any more plants. I can't seem to get no further then about 3 inches of growth. Background on me: Long time 420 smoker and big spender. I'm so mad at myself for not growing years ago. So while at the 420 spot I saw a few lonely clones and bought one for...
  17. Trip420

    Need expert help on yellowing/brownish leaves! Help!

    Hello everyone this is my first grow with a proper room just not sure on how to feed plants nutes so i went with the lazy way that might bite me in the behind when it comes to harvest. So i bought PRO-MIX potting soil with micro nutes in the soil that feed my plants and planted my Black Indica's...
  18. V

    Strange tiny orange balls on leaves

    Yesterday was my eighth week blooming, I was inspecting the leaves to see the trichomes and I found these tiny balls on some leaves , I understand to be eggs or something, but I really do not know what is. I have thought about doing bud wash on the harvest day. My question is: It my harvest...
  19. G

    Unknown deficiency/pest/disease affecting my leaves?

    Hi guys, I'm a newb to this site and a newb to growing in general (my 1st year), so please be patient with me. I've honestly spent ages scrolling online through as much plant problem advice & forums but I can't for the life of me put my finger on exactly what my problem is. I think it could be a...
  20. I

    Biggest Pest Problems

    Hey all, We raise and sell beneficial insects to control pest outbreaks in a variety of markets, and we're trying to re-position ourselves to provide more options for cannabis growers. That said, we were wondering if there are any major pest problems you are having beyond the usual suspects...
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