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  1. D

    Nute deficiency or pests? Please help.

    Hi, I have a problem with my plants that were planted only about a week ago. I have three strains from Paradise Seeds going, and only one with problems (so far) is Auto Jack. All my other strains are doing well. I'm growing in regular soil+perlite mix under 400W hid + one small cfl. I haven't...
  2. trichomes

    Jumbo caterpillar caught, must be a Huge moth's offspring!

    Found this guy in the shade, in some dry grass, must have been a Jumbo moth that laid that egg! I'll keep him alive until identified, any member input on this critter? thanks for looking I ID'd it as offspring from the dreaded HAWKMOTH, here's one I caught in May, scary!
  3. trichomes

    Wow, this was so hard to spot, pic of infant inchworm

    offspring from my war on moths! smallest I've found to date. Only way I found it was, I saw a small silk thread, sometimes I'll knock one off by flicking the stems and watching for them to fall (usually they fall with a silk thread still attached to plant.
  4. M

    1st outdoor bugs

    Okay this is what Im dealing with... Just some bag seed.. Been growing since about mid February, plant kinda early but survived a couple frost and here she is. Been seeing black specs on it but dk if they're the little black mites or what.. I've also noticed a white looking bug on it? Idk w.e it...
  5. L

    Please help 1st time grow cfl

    My plants started to get a yellowing on the tips of their leaves roughly about a week ago. They are about 4 weeks old. I reduced the nuts to 25% and that's what I've gave them since. The leaves on a few of them are starting to curl since yesterday and this was scary for me. I'm in 4 inch pots...
  6. W

    Weird black growths on main stem and branches

    Hi there, I'm sitting a friend's plants, and I noticed that they have these weird growths on the main stem and the base of majority of the branches. The best way I can describe them is like small shells; maybe cacoons. They pop when I push against them, and the inside is a whitish-brownish...
  7. A

    Outdoor Grow, San Diego - HeadBand

    Hello all, I am new to this site so forgive me if this has been answered yet.. I am currently growing outdoors in smart pots with coco using roots organic and a few other nutes. I have Headband (707) / Alien / GodsGift and some weird sativa shwagg... All of my plants grow great and are...
  8. X

    Do I have a pest?

    This is my first grow and I'm learning as I go, but I'm 80% sure my plants have thrips. What should I do about this? I'm deep into flowering stages and I'm freaking out now lol. Help guys!
  9. T

    Strange pest found in garden

    Hey guys I will post pics shortly, but I found different types of bugs today and they have me a bit worried. The first was on a leaf, and I only found one, not as concerned about it as the second. They look and move somewhat like spiders, they are small and brown/black... They were in some soil...
  10. Y

    Spidermites and leaf loss

    Hi 420's....I'm about two mths behind into going into flowering...reason is spider mites...I have battled these little suckers for two mths now...and about have gotten rid of them...but my question is if anyone could help it would be highly appreciated...my leaves are turning yellow every time...
  11. T

    Leaf miners again....this is war!

    On this great day I go into battle armed with a spray bottle, scissors and neem oil....lol I have been having leaf miner issues I got rid of them but they have reappeared two weeks later now. Originally I cut the effected leaves off and treated with neem oil. Well there back! Even worst...
  12. sfsgosu

    Outdoor questions

    i had a few questions regaurding outdoor growing. I have a little bit of experience already i've done 5 crops outdoor so i have the basics down. Firstly i wanted to know if there is any sure fire way to keep catipilars off your plants and what to use to stop them before they begin? this year i...
  13. R

    New to this lol

    ive been growing this little lady since april and she is a good 7ft tall and i've been feeding her heavy feedings of FoxFarms Grow Big bout the last month and half. I believe that she is ready to start blooming but i have ran into a couple of problems. I have already neemed her once about...
  14. S

    Left for a week and omg

    Strain - Auto Galaxy - indica 80% sativa 20% # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - indoor Grow Stage - vegetative 5 weeks old Light - 6 x 18 watt cool white uv tubes Nutrients - maxicrop micro nutrients manufactured by multicrop (25ml per 9L of water to soil)(3ml per 9L in spray bottle for leaves)...
  15. H

    1st outdoor grow and pesty birds

    Hey im Heidi and I'm new to growing outdoors and was hoping anyone could help me out by giving some advice on how to keep pesty birds (blue jays perfferably) away from my mother plants.
  16. HB Rob

    Daddy long-legs spider to control gnants

    Hey everyone. Where I live gnats have always been a problem in my soil grows. They are attracted to the ample moisture in soil after a fresh watering and will then burrow and lay eggs. Hanging pest strips works well, but being a poor college student I've discovered another FREE method that...
  17. O

    Co2 Saturation

    Does anyone have any experience using co2 (over)saturation as a means of pest control?
  18. G

    Lady Bugs for pest control?

    I have heard people say Lady bugs are great for pest control but I cant find any more info on it. Are they good for mites? Are they plant safe? What about Asian Lady Bugs? Any side effects?
  19. wtfruthinking


    Strain - Kona Gold Hawaiian- Sativa # of Plants - 6 Grow Type - Hydro Grow Stage - Flower (estimated time to harvest in 2 wks) Setup - drip Light - 600 Watt HPS Nutrients - General Hydronponics Medium - Grodan Rockwool PPM - 1300 PH - 5.5 RH - 45% to 50% Room Temperature -65 to 73...
  20. InhaledFreq

    Stems are swelling irregularly and bursting open?

    I have been looking all over the forums for the answer to this but have not been able to find any info. Experts, please help! I had two plants, now I have one because I killed the male. Both plants had stems burst open and a whole branch died. It has also happened on the main stem as well...
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