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  1. Ph ec meter

    Ph ec meter

    Meters displaying my clone strength nutrient level and ph. 6.06 and a ppm of 400. Or 800ec.
  2. B

    Plant leaves curling, lower ones turning yellow

    Hey fellers, i am here to ask for your help. Recently i had to move coz of some problems i had in my life due to which i think my plants are sad. I used very little bit of hydroponics and fed my plant only once after which it was growing very well. But when i had to move my house to a new...
  3. ph spots & striping

    ph spots & striping

    if u have a day, with an unusual ph adjustment- may be time to calibrate.
  4. ph discoloration

    ph discoloration

    folks, don't chase a ph discoloration, for deficiency, or surplus... it happens; especially, in hydro/aero.
  5. Lady Vadalon

    Why do we need to PH our gardens

    Not everyone finds it necessary to check PH and some growers get lucky and never have to check it. But PH is essential for plant health and growth. I do not fall into the category of lucky. So, here is part of my story.
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