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    New ph down but a lot cheaper then 20$ for what I bought before theirs was 8$ at Walmart lol
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    New ph down to try anyone hears of it before ? Hoping the change over from gh ph down isn’t going to hurt .
  3. H

    PH up and down spill help need advice

    Hey guys so ive really been a lurker on this site for some time andhave really appreciated the work of Mr.Smith, 420fied(Koolkat), and Propagator, and until now I have been doing great with my bubble buckets and my hempys. So this is my problem, and its pretty fucked. I had both Ph up and...
  4. kaylablazeit

    Vinegar for lowering ph? Need your opinion!

    Hey, I am a first time grower and I've noticed the leaves on my girls were starting to get brownish reddish spots on the lower leaves, so I decided the test the water with pool strips, the PH and the Aliklinity or however you spell it are the highest the strips will test, and its out of season...
  5. Perfect Sun LED

    PH weirdness question from an experienced grower

    So, I stumbled upon something I can't figure out. When I measure my well water, it is 7.0 ph. However, if I let it sit out for 12 hours or so, then test it again, it is 8.1 What could be in well water that it would buffer to 8.1? What is in well water that makes it 7.0 while in the...
  6. trichomes

    Can I use PH Down from swimming pool store in my plant food?

    I found some PH down that is for spas/pools, can I use this to lower the PH of water used for feeding plants? thank you!
  7. R

    Growing: 3 lessons from aquariums

    Aquariums keepers have been around a while, and some have highly complex systems for those more complex species. And, yes, I have been keeping livestock for come 10 years. Having obtained lots of information on growing from some very experienced growers on this and other sites, I thought it's...
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