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ph levels

  1. RandumbDude

    PH levels need adjusting daily

    Hello, Please excuse my ignorance I am a first-time grower and new to this forum as well.I did a search on this topic but couldn't find the answers I was looking for so I figured I would ask the professionals. I am one week into my first grow and I have been attempting to keep my PH at 6...
  2. B

    I need help with seedlings ph levels please

    Hi everyone, I planted my seedlings last night and i tested the soils ph level and it has a reading at 5.0. I was just hoping someone could help me out with how much lime to add to each container:thanks:
  3. I

    New Grower - New Grow

    Hey guys, i am a new OUTDOOR grower so please give me some tips and heads up along the way, anyway my last plant was a Lebanise Strain (Not sure of the excat name). It seemed to be growing really well. It took something like 6 days to gremanate though :/- But all was well, i woke up one...
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