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  1. BakedARea

    Reliable & Affordable pH Meter

    All of the reading and research is pointing me toward getting a pH meter for measuring my water. As I understand it, growing in soil affords you some flexibility if using tap water. But many of the grow journals here an online video journals, it is quite consistent that the better grows are...
  2. R

    What pH meter to get? Oakton or Blue Lab

    What ph meter do you recommend?
  3. Gorgar

    Comparison of 2 Basic pH Meters: Milwaukee and BlueLab

    I've used the Milwaukee MW101 for over a year and a half now, but find it a little frustrating. I recently obtained a BlueLab METPH and will present a comparison of the two. Milwaukee MW101 (MW) BlueLab METPH (BL) Both are basic pH meters and their sole function is to measure pH...
  4. B

    pH drift - What's wrong?

    I have Milwaukee MW-102 pH/Temp meter. While in storage solution, the probe reads roughly 5.00 to 5.40, drifts maybe 0.01. When I put in my water / fertilizer solution, it jumps to over 7, then settles down and the hour glass goes away. Then, it will slowly begin to rise, maybe 0.01 every 10...
  5. S

    milwaukee ph test?

    anyone have any experience with milwaukee ph meter? my local store is selling them for $35
  6. T

    Good reliable Digital Ph meter?

    Hi,I have recently changed from soil to DWC.I vegged the plants,white widow and acapulco gold using a dual spectrum 300 watt cfl and Canna growth nutes.They really took off,so much better than using soil and I was looking forward to switching to the flowering cycle to see the results.They were...
  7. D

    Ph Meter

    hey guys I bought an el cheapo hn look alike wow will never do that again. so I got the thing calibrated and well it worked took some numbers today and I thought they looked kinda off but though well I still have a problem somewhere. I went to check again a few mins ago and bam from 5.3 ph to...
  8. G

    Corning ph meter mod#ps 30 calibrate

    i just got a corning ph meter its module number ps30 any one know any info on this meter
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