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    Curly still spotting white pistil at day 54 ppm in 650
  2. G

    Grow/Micro/Bloom nute help

    Hey 420! long time reader/creeper of these forums but finally decided to become a member :) I have a question regarding Advanced nutrients Grow/micro/bloom nutes, these nutrients are apparently ph perfect so no ph adjustments are needed but when i go and mix them in i ph test it...
  3. R

    Advanced Nutrients pH perfect - Don't pay attention to pH?

    Ok i am what i would concider to be an experienced grower in soil. I have recently made the move to an ebb and flow bucket system (oxy-pot). I have always used advanced nutrients sensi grow and bloom for the last 3 years. They have now come out with this "ph perfect" line, and when they did i...
  4. KarlSnyder

    Does this waterfilter improve my aeroponic-water?

    Hi, I would like to reduce the ppm and ph of my tapwater for an aeroponic grow. I've read that reverse osmosis filters work best on that but they are pretty expensive.. Thats why I was thinking about using a standart waterfilter like thisone the manufacturer says it that the filter reduces...
  5. K

    Who's Using the pH Perfect Technology?

    I know there are other posts about the pH Perfect nutrients that Advanced Nutrients has come out with but I really want to limit the scope here to people that have or are actually using these new nutes and what their experiences have been. I'm sure there's a lot more opinions about these nutes...
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