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ph problem

  1. B

    High pH how to drop?

    Hello I've been having problems with this whole ph thing since I've started growing. This will be my first plant if it makes it that far lol but the whole question is how do I lower my ph of the soil to a 6.5 if it's at an 8 now? Changed it to ocean farms soil and that's suppose to be at a...
  2. B

    Leaf problem second opinion - Soil grow

    I have two special queens and a delicious seeds cotton candy going right now. I had to chop a white widow last week because of this problem. I had what i believe was a spider mite problem and sprayed them with neem a month ago. It seemed to stop the bugs from eating my plants. I sprayed again...
  3. S

    Help - Post Growstone pH Problems

    Hey everyone. It's been like, 5 years since I've been on here. Great community... I'm back with a urgent request for help. Here's the situation. I started with a 15" mother plant in Rockwool, plan was to transplant to Hydroton in GH Drip bucket - but the shop was all out but the guy working...
  4. T

    LED grow problem

    So my plant was looking a bit unhealthy due to what I believe to be a ph issue. I flushed the soil with clean ph'd water and foliar fed. About 3 hours later I sprayed down the leaves with clean water to remove any I absorbed nutes here's a pictures just before the foliar spray And here she...
  5. buddha buds

    PH run off problems! Experience needed

    Hi, i am an averagly experienced grower, in most senses i know and am confident in what im doing, but ive come across something that is slighlty holding me back. When i water/ feed my plants ( in soil) i allways adjust my water to 6.5 (and adjust after nutes), but the other day i checked my...
  6. WizHigh

    Questions Questions Question!!! Off With the Fan Leaves Will it Still Grow?

    My first grow was going lovely 22 days strong. Great green color nice thick stalk and fan leaves huge. A couple days ago its mood swings start kicking in. I ddnt know what to hink so I read forums and googled a lot before making any moves to fix this problem. The problem was zinc and magnesium...
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