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ph problems

  1. Flyhigh420uk

    Help needed

    Hey im a first time grower currently growing in coco having a few problems with ph whats the ideal ph when growing in coco im currently phing my water with nutrients to 5.8 when i tested runoff water its reading a ph of 6.2 what should the ideal ph runoff be and if its too high or too low how...
  2. T

    Quick question about transplanting

    I want to move one of my plants out of its current space bucket into a new pot. Reason being I don't think it's receiving enough light from the sides anymore because it's to bushy for the bucket. Giving me ph issues etc. she was looking a bit unhealthy so I foliar fed twice over the past couple...
  3. E

    Beginner grower with questions

    I have some questions to ask. I am of course a noobie in growing. One of my plants have 3 yellow leaves, the ones that we bearly first see when the seed hatches and sprout. Im guessing it's normal or maybe ph problems, nutes, soil ect.. And also if you can take a look at my set up and tell me...
  4. I

    FFOF/FFHF and a PH of 4.6? Help anyone?

    Not a big poster...more of a lurker, but I'm having a major issue: Strain - Bubblelicious, Cheese, Papaya (Germ 9 Nov, transplanted 22 Nov) # of Plants - 9 (3 each) Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - (2) 1 - 600 MH 1 400 MH Nutrients - None Medium - 60%...
  5. C

    Extreme daily PH swings in Aero60's

    I'm having trouble figuring out what to do about all the PH up I am spending so much money on right now for two separate 40 gal. res's that go from a PH of 6.1 at the start of the light cycle to 4.5 by that time the next day. What am I doing wrong? In the meantime I've been adding almost over a...
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