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    PH keeps drastically rising every day!

    Hi guys, I’m new to the grow scene and I’m having major issues with an explosive PH. I’m currently in week 3 of flower, growing a Peyote Critical plant in a 24L hydro DWC set up in a small 3x3 with LED lights. I’m using the General Hydroponics trio nutes along with a small helping of hydroguard...
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    PH rise troubleshoot

    Hi. I'm new to growing cannabis and decided to just get straight into hydro because i like a challenge... With my swinging PH levels i'm starting to doubt that decision... I wanted to start off small so i'm rolling with a 90L/h airpump in a container with 4L of nutrient solution Ph to 5.5. From...
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    Extreme daily PH swings in Aero60's

    I'm having trouble figuring out what to do about all the PH up I am spending so much money on right now for two separate 40 gal. res's that go from a PH of 6.1 at the start of the light cycle to 4.5 by that time the next day. What am I doing wrong? In the meantime I've been adding almost over a...
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