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  1. N

    In need of urgent advice - Acidic Soil/Sphagnum Questions

    Hi folks! I really nead som help. I made my own soil-mix with perlite, vermicukilite, klay and unfourtuneally "peat ore sphagnum. Why I say unfourtuneally is that I use to much of it. Mayby 40% - 45%. For 2 days now, my new plantet have slowed down and I could'nt figer out the problem...
  2. Flower Child

    Should I flip tonite? PH and soil dilema! Advise needed and appreciated!

    I have 8 week old girls that I am planning to go 12-12 with tonite. That in itself is a miracle as they had major malnourishment their first 2 weeks; then ph problems for the next 3 weeks, due to a tap water ph of 8-8.5. I finally put "ph down" in the water to bring it down to a 7. Within a...
  3. sullymonster

    Soil ph problem

    hi - i am using biobizz allmix ( 6.6ph ) in 11 litre pots and am having trouble with one of the ladies. just started the beginning of week 3 veg. i tested the run off last saturday (6th) and it was 6.7ph ( nute solution 6.4ph ) didn't need watering / feed all week on sun(14th) i feed her...
  4. O

    soil ph

    Hello. I've looked around but can't find this answer yet, could you please help? If my water ph is on the money(lets say 6.5) ,but the soil ph is high (lets say 7.5). Do I adjust the water down to like 6.0 or 5.5, to get my soil down to 6.5 ? Thanks alotfor the help.:bong:
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