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  1. H

    PH up and down spill help need advice

    Hey guys so ive really been a lurker on this site for some time andhave really appreciated the work of Mr.Smith, 420fied(Koolkat), and Propagator, and until now I have been doing great with my bubble buckets and my hempys. So this is my problem, and its pretty fucked. I had both Ph up and...
  2. Kingsnake235

    Organic soil lockout? Bonemeal for pH up? Pics

    hey there! having some issues, doing some reading, the usual; looking for a way to up my soil ph with organic nutes (biobizz) and was directed to this thread which says: most references i find of bonemeal raising pH is when its mixed into acidic soil before planting, so my question is...
  3. A

    Full-on untrained Luke in need of some Yoda help with DWC.. Or at least Han help.

    Hi there, long time listener, first time caller type deal here. Let me start by thanking all of you, from those of us who read forums and gain much without participating. Those of you who offer guidance and answer questions are helping many more people than those who post the issues. So again...
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