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  1. I

    2bd DWC grow 3 week old

    what can I do to help my ladies out? Strain is the Durban poison. Under 24 hrs of 600 watt mh, haven't ph'd or changed water since week one, set it rockwool. is it time to add some food and change water ? temp is around the 80's
  2. steppedinds

    Cheese Auto - Ready to harvest?

    i'm color blind so it's a little harder for me to spot the amber but i do not see many. this is an auto cheese 106 days old. shes been on molasses and ph'd water for 13 days. bud pics are from 2 nights ago. 60x scope pics are fresh
  3. N

    Finally got pH meter - Now what?

    Leaves turning purple? Regarding the above post.. I just went and bought a ph meter my tap water runs at about 7.6 i phd down to 5.7 so should i flush her with phd water? She is currently wet since i gave her water yesterday i dont know what to do