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  1. P

    Newbie - Rookie - Amateur grower from the Philippines

    Hi Guys, I recently was able to get some seeds but only a few of them and I wanted to cultivate them for personal use. Can anybody help me setup an indoor grow cabinet or space? I have no experience in these things but I have a read a bit a bout growing. As you guys know humidity...
  2. Ron Strider

    Philippines Explains Drug War To UN: Rights For Most but Not All

    Addressing the mounting criticisms of the war on drugs, the Philippine delegation in Geneva fell short of recognizing the universal characteristic of human rights as it told a United Nations assembly that the Duterte administration's campaign is to protect the rights of "majority" of Filipinos...
  3. K

    New smoker from Philippines

    Hello guys! Mabu-HIGH from Philippines! I just started smoking last month and I really liked it.. and still learning all about marijuana. We are having a hard time this couple of months because of goverment's effort to eliminate illegal drugs here in the Philippines. And that's why I'm two...
  4. RedBudPH

    MabuHIGH 420Mag! Greetings from Philippines!

    Hi im from PH, As i was researching cannabis growers guide on google, i hit this forum site where i saw/read some growers, some are Filipinos like me. Ive been smoking Mj for 13years or so, but buying weed is a pain in my pocket since (1) i am a father of two. And (2) our newly elected...
  5. B

    Help! Sagada Landrace - Dying/Yellowing Leaves

    Sagada Landrace 1st grow Strain - Sagada Landrace # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Setup - Space Bucket Light - 3 pcs 24 Watt CFL Nutrients - None Pests - None Known Problems - Dying/yellowing leaves at the bottom. Any info/recommendations on what to do? Its...
  6. J

    Newbie here, from Philippines

    Hi 420 Community, I'm kinda new here, I've always wanted to grow hemp after I've watched the documentaries and movie clips about hemp. I've already watched and read a lot of "How to Grow your Hemp" :MoreNutes: :thumb: Sincere Thanks jstn.
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