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  1. Resinman

    How do I post pics on my android phone plz

    I'm slow on the up take. But have pics I'd love to post but can't seem to work out how. I'm on an android phone. Anyone that can help me plz
  2. Z

    Lost dates - A little info help needed

    could some kind soul please put me back on the right track by telling me how long i have to go from the look of the image,my phone died so lost dates i think its around the 6th or 7th week, thanks for any help.
  3. Cannafan

    DIY - Cheap Macro Lens for camera phones

    A long time ago I ran into a neat trick for making a macro lens for the phone, for the life of me I could not remember how the instructions said to attach the lens to the phone. I ran into this again today, but cannot post the link. So, I did the instructions myself to show ya. How many of...
  4. S

    PH question

    i hope i put the message in the right section. i am on my cell phone
  5. paydroDaNoob


    how they hell do u upload pics to this form..from phone
  6. steppedinds

    Grobo cabinet

    thought this little setup was pretty sweet. comes with all kinds of goodies and can functionally sit anywhere in your home. really awesome for small growers. i wish it had a bigger sister. smart phone app controlled, auto-nute feeder, res float valve, ppm sensor, ph sensor... enjoy...
  7. cgkone


    I can not get the mobile act to work on my phone. It's says network error. This happened before and I think that I had to unistall the app the reinstall in a few days. The site works fine on my tablet, but I need to use my phone to update journal
  8. P

    How do you post pictures when you are posting with your smart phone?

    My early miss auto is 21 days old above soil. I want to start a thread and post a picture of it with my phone because my computer is down. i uploaded a picture of it with my smart phone to 420 pictures but i dont now how to post it on a thread using my phone. Is there a way to post a picture...
  9. C

    Need help

    I'm not sure how to post pics from my phone once I figure it out I'll post some
  10. WeedBaby

    Most Embarassing Thing You've Done When Stoned (or not)??

    So...the inevitable question... What's the most embarrasing thing you've done when you've been stoned or not?? Mine was probably locking maself in a ohone box in the city and locking it, bein stoned completely forgot, the thinkin i was locked in while ppl were walking past looking...not a...
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