1. Phosphorous Deficiency Continued

    Phosphorous Deficiency Continued

    I flushed the plants with GO BioThrive Bloom (2 teaspoons per gallon, 6.6 pH), then took this photo, so hopefully the damage is stopped.
  2. J

    Hello everyone! New to growing looking for some advice

    Hello everybody, i am experiencing something that i think might be a phosphorus deficiency but i am not 100% sure. it started on the bottom 2 fan leaves and is slowly spreading up. Im not sure if i should flush the plant then add nutes or if i should just add some extra phosphorus in the next...
  3. M

    Soil pH is too low

    Brand new here and new grower...please help!:thanks: I am in week 4 of an autoflower grow in soil. I have been feeding once a week and water every other or every third day. I have been giving 1/2 tsp per gallon of each of the GH grow, veg, bloom. We give the nutes and water at between 6 and...
  4. M

    Possible phosphorous deficiency due to pH

    My wife and I are on day 20 of our first ever grow (4 autoflower plants, buds just starting). I am brand new to the forum, but I've read a lot of great advice on here already, just hoping to get some of my own :thumb: We noticed browning beginning on one of the plants leaves, middle of the...
  5. Klaatu

    Boron or Phosphorus def. or ?

    Damn, I feel bad. I've got 2 other Q's on the board and now I post another one! (loser) This time I am hopefully able to upload pictures now. I believe as it looks now I'm not to sure about what 'it' is, it looks like a Boron or Phosphorus def. It's moving fast too. I transplanted them from...
  6. A

    Please help me - They depend on you!

    My girls are sick and I don't know why. Maybe a phosphorus deficiency or calcium. Please help me cure them.
  7. D

    Phosphorus and Potassium - Flowering week 4 or 5

    Hello I am in about week 4, my plants are just starting to grow the small tight buds. It's been a very slow process out door in my greenhouse. My question: there is a local fertilizer plant down the road from me... They sell a liquid phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Large amount for...
  8. Greenethumb42

    Phosphorus Def or Magnesium Def?

    Can someone tell me there opinion on's the older fan leafes closer to the bottom of the plant..the leafes are from 2 different plants,I have e 3 but it's only on the 2..the bigger ones that just started to show sex..the are in smart pots,one is a u gal and the other is a 5 gal..soil is...

    NPK Formula help please?

    ok all. ah dont think I can do pics so im just post the npk values. im after a decent all green veg aswell as a all green flower and boost. then ease off for flush. ive already got 1.2.3 and either need a all round which i can get 20.20.20 for but basicly i want to get like 20.20.20 and...
  10. O


    so my lady is in her 50th day of flower. i know she is probably low on phosphorus at this time, but would that cause the whole thing to turn purple, or thats gotta be genetics right? i had two ladies i thought were the same strain but on looks like its about ready to harvest and the other...
  11. R

    Some assistance would be much appreciated! Phosphorus?

    Hey y'all! So i was wondering if you guys could take a look at a couple of pictures from my last grow. Sorry about the quality, i know it's not much. For the past year I've been struggling with deficiencies and have now been focusing on improving this. Last time measured, PH were just...
  12. P

    My autoflower is 23 days old above soil does it look like it is ready for nutrients?

    My early miss autoflower is 23 days old above soil. I never gave it nutrients. It has a little phosphorus deficiency caused by over watering it is now recovering. Should i give it nutrients next time i water ? I have fox farms big bloom and alaska organic liquid fish fertilizer if yes which...
  13. S

    How does it look? Being a first grow

    Greetings yall. :Namaste: My poor plant is suffering from phosphorus deficiency.. She is 45days old (2 weeks into flowering). I've been giving it enough phosphorus so she should recover, i hope. I just wanted you guys to let me know how she looks for being a first experimental grow. She is 8,5...
  14. P

    My plant has a phosphorus deficiency - Will this stunt growth ?

    My early miss auto is 21 days old above soil. It googled cannabis plant problems and i definitely have a phosphorus deficiency. The lower older leaves of my plant have bronze spots on them. i think it was caused from me over watering. I think i corrected my over watering problem and the...
  15. Cannabliss89

    Fixing a Phosphorus Defiency

    This is my first time tryin to grow in the winter, I'm just growing one Platinum OG that I got as a teen. I've been vegging for a couple months now, pretty much ready for flower but I want her in the best shape before I flip so I'm trying to fix this phosphorus problem I've been battling for...
  16. H

    Phosphorus deficiency?

    Wonder Woman. Happy frog soil. Manifolded. About 4 weeks into flower. Under MARS 1200w LED Was looking great but in the last few days, she started doing this. I've been lightly feeding and thinking maybe she's underfed and has a phosphorus deficiency?
  17. M

    Please Help 1st Week Into Flowering - Phosphorus Deficiency

  18. W

    Newbie Alert! - Problems - Nute Burn? deficiency? Phosphorus?

    Hi guys I have a problem as you can see (pictures a few posts down) and I would really appreciate your advice. Its super silver haze in week 7 of veg, in special batmix soil house and garden soil A&B nutes Magne-cal under 600W hps about 13"from the bulb. Im thinking its nute burn even...
  19. ItsTimmyMan

    Bloom booster timing? Wrong booster?

    Hey everyone, I hate to be the one to ask the repetitive question, but I've been searching and SEARCHING with no answer for days. I've gone out to buy a high phosphorus and potassium mix for flowering, and come back with this: N-P-K 15-6-25 Is this the right stuff for the stage I'm at? It was...
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