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  1. Tony Urban

    The 420 Fotographer Collective: Advanced Cannabis Photography

    Welcome to the 420 Fotographer Collective where we bring together the best growtographers for a fun and interactive discussion on gear, techniques, how-to sessions, or just to share a nice picture. Here you will find biographies of real 420 members, what gear they use, what they grow, and some...
  2. I

    The Vault

    Whats up 420 magazine, Lurker for years, reading, learning a lot, growing as much as I can. Thank you all for the wonderful information out there, I feel like I can finally contribute. The past few months Ive been photographing interesting flowers that I come across. I use a Canon Mark III...
  3. Ron Strider

    Professional Cannabis Photographer Kristen Angelo Follows Her Passion

    I first discovered the work of Cannabis Photographer Kristen Angelo when the Seattle Times did a profile of her for their series highlighting "cool jobs" in the region. Her work stood out as something fresh, new, and real. Unlike the high-contrast, psychedelic images I was used to seeing...
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