1. Trichome Vision

    Trichome Vision

    I spent hours on my knees and on my back in and out of the dirt, frame after frame..hour after hour waiting for the natural light to be perfect....just to get this shot.....WORTH IT! Trichomes on leaf. by Kyea Mofire
  2. Dabeast09

    Dabeast's bud porn: ongoing adventure

  3. T

    Weed science

    I'm a self proclaimed weed scientist, and I take pictures of weed while I work. I make RSO and I'm about to start growing. Anybody wanna talk weed science? I've got lots of ideas and new cannabis products that I've invented. But I need help. Someone collaborate with me on some cannabis chemistry
  4. Pistils are underrated

    Pistils are underrated

  5. Tony Urban

    The 420 Fotographer Collective: Advanced Cannabis Photography

    Welcome to the 420 Fotographer Collective where we bring together the best growtographers for a fun and interactive discussion on gear, techniques, how-to sessions, or just to share a nice picture. Here you will find biographies of real 420 members, what gear they use, what they grow, and some...
  6. 420

    420 Magazine Staff Submitted Creme De Le Creme Photos

    This is where our 420 Staff will post their best Nugs & Plants photography. Let the show begin! :cheertwo: :popcorn:
  7. Lil Neutrino

    Want to get rid of that ugly yellow tint in your flowering pics?

    I say ugly but that's subjective...I personally don't like the yellow coloration that so many flowering pics have as I find the plants to be so much more attractive under "normal" light. To solve this problem is quite simple and requires you to merely try a setting other than "Auto" that will...
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