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  1. dom2mac

    Photosynthesis - Light Intensity & Temperature

    Conclusion: At full sun spectrum at 100,000 lux or 9290 lumens per sqft additional lighting will provide no benefit to photosynthesis rates. At full sunlight temperature has a large impact on photosynthesis rates approximations for CO2 consumption 18C 300ppm 20C 325ppm 22C 350ppm 24C...
  2. L

    Plants grown with Lush Lighting LED grow lights from around the world.

    Here is a great go to place to see the crops others are growing with Lush Lighting. There are close to a 1000 growers using Lush Lighting LED grow lights and the #'s continue to climb. Not everyone has time to post threads and grow journals so with their permission we're sharing them for you to...
  3. D

    Optimal Photosynthesis Occurs at room temperature

    Heat without circulation and airflow is very very bad for most all species of plants. It is a known scientific fact that optimal photosynthesis occurs at room temperature. So, the secret to growing any plant is to give it the brightest light (Most lumens) The lumen (symbol: lm) is the SI...
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