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    J9Black's 1st Grow Ever - Phototron Pro - Grow Tent - Cloning

    WW Feminized seeds. The PhotoPro is supposed to be here tomorrow! Out of impatience, I bought a 40 cf grow tent, 400W Digital Ballast with MH bulb, 6" vent fan with 25 ft of duct, a warm mist humidifier, thermo/hygrometer, Digital PH tester, seed starter soil, and a very cool power strip...
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    J9BLACK's 1st Grow Ever: Phototron Pro/Grow Tent/Cloning

    I am a family man and medical cannabis patient. OK, the Phototron Pro is on it's way. I also have ordered WW Feminized seeds, and a bunch of seeds whose quality and/or gender and/or strain is unknown. I plan on raising two WW mothers in the Pho-Pro, re-blooming at least twice, and cutting...
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