1. J

    Need a feed a tron for an old Phototron

    My feed a tron aka auto watering system has broken after many years as i am away a lot I need an auto feed. Does anyone know where I can find such a thing, Thanks
  2. J

    J9BLACK's 1st Grow Ever: Phototron Pro/Grow Tent/Cloning

    I am a family man and medical cannabis patient. OK, the Phototron Pro is on it's way. I also have ordered WW Feminized seeds, and a bunch of seeds whose quality and/or gender and/or strain is unknown. I plan on raising two WW mothers in the Pho-Pro, re-blooming at least twice, and cutting...
  3. Aprentice

    Completed Hello all Im finally starting my first grow

    starting my first grow well into it..I say my first .. It's my first grow that has been remotely successful.I'm sure everyone out there that read these forums has read how helpful these guys are.... So true words can't express :goodjob: When I first started my research, I neither knew what week...
  4. Munki

    Completed PhotoTron Grow with Ebb N Flow

    Hello. Newbie here who is attempting a first time grow as a caregiver for a prop 215 patient. Starting out can be very expensive when all parts have to be purchased all at once. I was able to get a start with a purchase from "da Craig"; a Phototron 9 for $50. :ganjamon: I know that HID is the...
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