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  1. J

    Grand Daddy Purp - Strawberry Cake - And Honey Bee - Feb 16 2018

    purpose: starting summer grow of photo period and to make clones for friends. seeds from 420 sponsor Herbies Head Shop grand daddy purple: original grand daddy purp heavy weight: strawberry cake barney's farm: honey bee temp controlled heating mat 78 deg F humidity dome root...
  2. Jmills

    PRC - C&C - AO - PK - Soil Grow With LED & CFL

    Hey yall these bbys are edging week 5 so im taking them into my flower closet within the next few days. So my veg area is about 3x3 and has s removable top, i have about 12 5600k CFL bulbs and 2 low watt LED bulbs and for nutes ive been using Nutrifield Veg ignitor. So the first 3 pics are of...
  3. M

    Help Please First Grow Outdoor

    Hello guy this is my first grow and im having issue Strain - Cali Og Kush/haze # of Plants - 8 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Nutrients - Gave them sheep manure yesterday First Plant Picture : Same Plant Second Picture: New Girl This one is in...
  4. P

    AK47 strain ready to harvest?

    Ladies and Gents, This plant Ak47 strain is 10 weeks old. At any given leaf looking under microscope (tried to take pics but blurry) I see about 3-4 amber tricomes rest mostly cloudy with some clear still. Where am I at in the process? Can I start flushing? i do have a pic in my gallery of...
  5. Kilakev420


    Can anyone help me be able to post a pic with a question
  6. M

    Is my plant ready?

    I have 3 plants, 2 of them i started flowering 4/14. One of them is in a bigger pot and taking alot longer. I dont have a magnifying glass and dont want to spend the money right now. One pic is of the top of the plant the other is the same pic zoomed as far as my galaxy s7 will allow. Other pics...
  7. J

    Newbie CFL grower help

    Hey guys check these pics out both are 3 weeks old and bag seed... 1st pic...this gal leaves are super broad and always seem to look like theyre drooping a lil. Is it because the leaves are so big and the stem isnt strong enough? 2nd pic...this gal is the only one out of 8 that new shoots are a...
  8. E

    Sprouted - Now what? Newbie

    Hey all! I germinated and planted. Now they are tall and going to bend over soon! I need to transplant again? I'd like to post a pic, but this doesn't seem very user friendly....
  9. TheDarkTriad

    My first grow

    Hey all this TdT here. This is my first journey into growing cannabis. In this thread i will be posting questions, photos, updates, etc. ANYTHING you guys can offer me as advice will be appreciated. So on with the show.... So the little lady i chose is a GG #4. I like this strain a lot so i...
  10. M

    Is it a male?

    Hi, Can anybody help me sex my plant? Is it indicates, in the pic below, that it is a she or a he (6th week)?
  11. K

    Is it a lady?

    I think its a lady in preflower (Crop Kings Haze extreme) but I wanted to post a pic to know for sure. It sure would be nice. I'm on my fist grow in many many years with three autos is a bad state due to PH issues. I think I've got those dialed in now but the yield is gonna suffer big time. I...
  12. TheNuttyProfessor

    A Bits & Pieces Grow - Organic EM1 - Non-Organic Coco - Autos - Non-Autos

    hmmmmmmm bit of every thing going on a the minute lol ( its bit like my head a mess ) First pic is My EM-1 read so much about this lately thought id give it ago , second pic are my soil mix pots they will be drenched in em1 tomorrow for my blue bloods and random seeds i found when i moved...
  13. T

    Posting Pics

    Ive been trying but with no luck. Why does posting a pic have to be so fucking confusing? Im gonna go find a forum where posting a pic is simple like the rest of the world does.
  14. Far East Buds

    Light Bleaching

    So I run a T5,2x4 that draws like 480W. I had been running it at half power for the summer to avoid the heat. I recently turned it back on full power and recall I use to get bleaching of the leaves.... I was wondering how this effects the plants. It is in Veg as in flower I get a little...
  15. R

    What strain do you think this is?

    I would upload pic if I new how
  16. infiniteJuan

    Profile pic not showing up in forum posts

    Hello, I'm curious if there is something I need to do in order to get my profile pic to show up over here... <----- in my posts. I have a profile picture set up in my profile but it's not showing up on my posts that I can see. Thanks for any help you can provide. :peace:
  17. unforgiven

    Unforgiven's - Picture-A-Day - Barney's Critical Kush - DWC

    alrighty folks, here we go again. as the title states I will do a pic a day. no more. the only exception Is today to get caught up. it's one plant in dwc. Barney's farm critical kush is the strain. it was a freebie single from those awesome folks at Gorilla seeds. here's some info...
  18. T

    Issue during my grow

    Hi guys, need some advice on whether or not I can get a decent harvest out of these plants. As soon as I received them (roughly 5 inch tall) I potted them on and put them straight on flower. I have a pic here of the one of the originals I had and one of the cuttings I purchased 2 weeks later...
  19. 4Dutchess

    Pest damage or nute burn?

    my computer skills suck but Im trying to post a pic for help. Jesse
  20. MortalWombat

    Top Snap During Flowering

    Hello :420: , So today during my girls feeding I accidentally snapped one of her tops when I was trying to get to some of the fan leaves obstructing the lower tops. I know she will be fine and has plenty more tops left, however, my question to you guys is should I leave the branch it snapped...