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  1. K

    Bud Rot At Harvest Time Question

    Do I have to pick off all the rot before drying? Or can I harvest, trim, dry, and then pick off the bud rot? Thanks in advance, katurango
  2. N

    Herbie's pick n mix

    I have ordered in the past from Herbie's headshop but never have ordered from their pick n mix site..I was wondering if anyone ever had any issues with their pick n mix because from my understanding they do not come in a breeders pack if ordering 1 or 2 seeds and it makes me nervous to order...
  3. cnile

    Different hydroponic methods

    i dont know much about any. what are the reasons you guys have learned to pick one over the other. what does each system demand: ie: stable temps, cold temps, warm temps, constant monitoring or whatever each method needs focus on. im assuming pick the system that fits my place best so im...
  4. L

    TSA and seeds

    Hypothetically, if someone were to forget they have some loose seeds in a pocket or in their carry on, would the TSA scanners pick that up?
  5. BonzaSeedBank

    Welcome August & Welcome A New Sale From Bonza Seeds!

    August is here and with that comes a new sale and freebies. Check out our huge selection of strains! We ship discreet and we are a pick and choose seed bank. You won't be disappointed! FREE cannabis seeds - See the latest Bonza Seedbank promotions here
  6. BonzaSeedBank

    Bonza Summer Time Special!

    Come check out our huge selection of great strains ready to go and shipped discreetly. We ship word wide and have the best packaging around. Also, we are a one of a kind seed bank that serves their customers by a pick and choose type of business. What does that mean? It means that you can pick...
  7. J

    I'm new here

    Hello I'm Jonathon I'm an experienced grower with Lots of knowledge of growing, genetic makeup, NPK foods, secret growing techniques to grow 5lbs+ per plant (depending on genetics) Feel free to pick my brain and if you know something I don't I'd love to learn
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