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    Can anyone identify this microscopic pest?

    Hello, i noticed the leaves on my plant were under attack—basically a seedling still. I cut the end off of a leaf that was being eaten and discovered these little bugs(?). I live in a cabin located almost in the center of 50 acres of woods owned by my sister in Mannsville, NY. We are surrounded...
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    Abandoned First Timer - Blue Mystic Auto Nirvana - MH/HPS - Soil

    Ok started under 600watt mh lamp at 50percent then moved up each week now at 100percent as soon they flower going with hps I have a 4x2 tent ff nuts roots organic 2parts 1part light warrior for my soil I have gnats used gognats in watering and so far no more also today is day 16 gave them very...
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    Kush-O-Matic 1st grow - Soil, 400w HPS, Sweet flowering pics!

    Here are some pics of my ladies in flower. Looking ok for my first ever ghetto set up grow. I have a journal 420 Magazine ®
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    Plant in need of help here people!

    Hello hello, What do you make of these poor leaves? What's going on with this plant? It's a stealth box grow under CFL's. It's been growing really strong so far but suddenly some of the middle tier leaves turn yellow and burn at the tips. The two first leaves (what are they called again?)...
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    What causes leaf twist?

    I have seen this for a while now and some days are worse than others. I can't pin it down to anything in particular so I figured I'd ask for some advice. I'm thinking it is from the heat but I'm not sure. If it is the heat I can't do much about it because these are outdoors. The temps have...
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