1. Roy Growin

    Growings Grows Grapefruit & Creamatic | Grow Diary

    Some pics are always a good start
  2. Roy Growin

    Dutch Kush, LSD, Strawberry Gum Grow Diary

    Dutch Kush & Acid - can't remember what the freebies were Bio with babies, class A's for buds is working for me Two are leggy and will require surgery, wish I knew what the bushy one was Any guesses invited
  3. 15198647535471563877052.jpg


    Gorilla Glue 4
  4. 1518250668883.jpg


    It's almost 4:20
  5. J

    New growth vying?

    Basically, I have an outdoor plant here in Australia that’s been vegging for almost 7 months. It’s gone so well, grown in my balcony alongside 3 others (which are doing great?) same soil, coco and potting mix, same food and watering schedule and everything. Last week I woke up one morning to...
  6. J

    First time grow outdoors

    Hey i am a first time grower, outdoors, could anyone help me out on something? ill post pics n stuff if someone replies, thanks ❤
  7. S

    Pitiful plant

    My plant is sad. 4wks into veg. growing in ocean forest , leaves curling ,have black spots starting on leaves, lower leaves yellowing /drooping. Upper leaves green rolling up, leaves close together not spread out like fan leaves should. Look's like lack of potassium, manganese ? any ideas...
  8. Z

    Aeroponic newbie

    Hi to all you 420 peeps. My name is Jono and I am a very interested Aeroponic newbie. I would love and appreciate all the help possible on my journey down the Aero road. So excited to be here and hopefully make some good friends on the way. I will start a thread with pics of my room and my...
  9. G

    I'm new

    Yes so I'm taking it slow and not rushing. But can someone tell me how to do pics of my plant. Easy way please lol.
  10. E

    My 2nd CKS auto grow - 5x Northern Lights 2x Early Miss

    Just thought I'd drop a note here, journal and more pics in sig.
  11. calicanna143

    Jack Herer & Panama Red In Doc's Hi Brix

    This will be my first time using docs kit. I have jack herer and panama red sprouting now. I'm currently using led lights for veg room and 1000 watt hps for flowering. Its almost time to harvest my current grow of organic soil sequoia strawberry. Here are some pics to start as well as some pics...
  12. giddygoat6

    Here's some pics of my 2nd grow a la swag

    New grower here so please feel free to comment or give tips
  13. L

    Completed CK North Light Auto - Pics Start Day 30ish

    Hello everyone. This is all new to me. Seed was a CK Northern light auto grown under 320 watts combined cfls and a 300 watt LED added a couple weeks ago. In FF Ocean soil and 3 gallon pot. Lst, topped, and light defoliation on lower leafs and stems. Light nutes. Girl has a nice canopy...
  14. M

    First grow - Is this normal?

    Hi. Just wondering if it's normal for a plants hairs to begin turning brown so early? Have included pics. She doesn't feel "big" enough yet? Cheers in advance
  15. T

    WWA ready for harvest?

    hey guys, relative newbie in our hobby here. This is the first time im growing autos. Check out the pics and let me know what you think if this baby is ready to harvest yet or not. Its kind of hard to tell the colour of trichomes. Some buds seems to show some amber, some buds are growing...
  16. HigherTheHigh

    Trichome pics - What do you think? 6 weeks today

  17. Kilakev420

    Help please & how do I add pics

    How's everybody doing I got white widow Auto extremes AMS seeds there in Fox Farm soil with Fox Farm nutes and a 2 by 4 by 5 tent 5gl fabric i got 2 mars 300 the white ones not sure how well they work and 1 600 double chip 10 watt led no name lights 6 in appolo inline 390 cfm 8in 4 in 2 3x11...
  18. Rattlehead

    First time grower

    Hi guys I'm new on here as I've only recently started growing my own. I'll throw some pics & details is things come along
  19. C

    Help please - What am I looking at?

    Nirvanna Supreme CBD Kush (hybrid Sativa - 70%). Day 71 of flowering (normal is 75-85). The pics are from this mornings panty check. The leaves on one of the lower buds are drying out. This is pretty much overnight. There have been different issues with leaves throughout the grow, but...
  20. Mrblunts420

    I'm back with pics!

    Whats up everybody! Im back with my set up with pics.. My initial idea for my first grow was going to be a tent that I was given for free, 3x4.5x7ft... its been in my garage for a year and with financial situation changing and the growing frustration with not starting I decided to think...
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