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  1. baxbax

    How much magnification do I need to take a picture like this?

  2. C

    I wonder about harvest time - Picture

    Hello I am raising four ak48. There are many worries about the timing of harvesting. Plant growth seems to be slow because of excessive LST. I planted seed on September 7, 12/12 on November 10th. Two plants have turned red hair. The other two plants still have white hair. I saw the trichome...
  3. TheFertilizer

    Error 500 on picture uploading

    After I've uploaded my picture and click "Submit", instead of the usual list that gives you the options to give comments to the photos and everything, I just get an HTTP Error 500 page.
  4. R

    RetiredOLDGuy's 1st Indoor Tent Grow With Feminized Seeds

    Hello Folks! This is my first attempt at a grow journal, so any help/advice would be appreciated. Over the years, I've tried indoor grows using various methods, but always lacked quality seeds. As a result, I never had any success. So, finally the ability to secure quality seeds. I'm 14...
  5. P

    Asking for help in understanding - Is my plant in the preflowering stage?

    Good morning everybody, I am a not english speaking guy (I am italian) so I apologize for my bad writing. I am, at 41 year old, at my first indoor growing.... First of all I would like to thank who operate this website and all and each forum's users, that have been of invaluable worth, and...
  6. M

    Help Please First Grow Outdoor

    Hello guy this is my first grow and im having issue Strain - Cali Og Kush/haze # of Plants - 8 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Nutrients - Gave them sheep manure yesterday First Plant Picture : Same Plant Second Picture: New Girl This one is in...
  7. C

    100% organic White Cookies & Durban Poison Indoor - High quality pictures

    Hello here, Some picture of my babies ! Enjoy.
  8. Jackalope

    Photo Help

    Seeing how I'm well medicated all the time. I know I can grow great weed. Capturing those same plants in a picture I can't do. Need help with proper lighting, backing colors, All in all How to take Damn picture. I have a decent Kodak PIXPRO AZ251 that has macro. I have a tripod. I have a seed...
  9. quinny

    upload pics

    Hows it goin im just wonderin how to upload picture thanks
  10. Pakkman223

    Topped the newest and smallest growth

    2 days ago I topped the newest and smallest growth which left two fan leaves still to grow like in picture #1 but one seems to be falling behind. Did I damage it? And in picture #2 what diffidency do you think my plants have!
  11. W

    Regular, Feminized Or Auto?

    I received some free seeds from Herbie's last year and decided to try growing them.The only problem is that the seeds came in a bag with no name or sex.By looking at the picture is there any way of telling what they are? I planted them on March 27.
  12. Greensmurf420

    Whoa! Look at that yield!

    I would like to create this thread to show off everyones beautiful yields. When I took my pictures tonight I had to share them. I know you all either grow or enjoy these wonderful plants as much as I do. So let's show them off a bit. We already have a place for pictures of nugs, and plants...
  13. U

    Boii's Grow Journal For An Unknown Strain 2017: First Time Ever

    Hello everyone, first of all i would like to say sorry because my grammar is not the best but i hope everyone will get what i try to explain.I have never ever growed before and im really excited to try it thats why im gonna make this journal so maybe i could get some tips & help if something...
  14. H

    Is she a hermie?

    This is my first grow, out of the four, one seems to be acting very strange This one already has a lot of crystals on the leaves where as the others in pre-flower do not. They are also all in week five of ten and this one is the only one showing these strange nodes under the leaves This...
  15. A

    Hey guys I'm new here and a new grower

    I am a new grower and loving this community already. Here is a picture of my first plant :)
  16. M

    N toxicity or what? Share your experience

    Hi, Once and for all - what is the problem in this picture? PH flux? PH to high? N toxicity or lockout? Usually i run into this problem with every grow at later points... What would be the actions done? first pic is a suspect for some heat damage, i admit that... but lower picture bud...
  17. closetcasecfl

    Can you guess the strain?

    Picture 1: Picture 2: One is Aurora Indica and the other is Wonder Woman. Can you spot the strain??:cheer2:
  18. I

    Taking clear pictures with HPS light on

    If you have a semi professional camera and on some phone cameras you will need to turn on the flash and increase the shutter speed to to fastest setting on the camera. That way when you take the picture the light from the flash is the light that is captured with the picture instead of the...
  19. V

    Narrow root-stem boundary

    Today I spotted something strange on my seedling. At the boundary of stem and root there's a narrow point as you can see on the picture I added. Could there be a problem with that?
  20. BikerBear

    What's happening to my babies?

    Hi Folks, I have seven new-ish seedlings; about 4 weeks old. However, I have two that are not doing so well.... In the first picture, yellow spots are appearing. Is this a nitrogen or calcium deficiency? I am using hydroponic nutes, and all plants are in soil. In the second picture, I...
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