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  1. M

    1 week until harvesting

    sweet seeds - Cream Caramel autoflower. Grown outside in Spain. I am thinking of harvesting these plants in the next week or so because the tricks are going from cloudy to brown so should be a good stoner hit.
  2. Morglie

    Unable to upload photos from mobile app

    I'm having problems uploading pictures in the app on Android. It will try for a couple of seconds and then it gives me a failed upload and the app will suggest that perhaps I don't have the authorization to post pictures. Please help.
  3. Troy01

    Tutorial On Uploading Pictures From IPhone

    I know a number of people are struggling on uploading pictures to 420Magazine from their cell phones while the Application is currently down. I put together a tutorial on how to upload your pictures quickly and painlessly using Chrome (recommended by 420Magazine). First Open Chrome and logon...
  4. idlewild

    California OG Kush Harvest

    Just wanted to post a few pictures of my latest Cali OG kush. :)
  5. F


    I seem to be able to up load pictures but I need them to go to the grow room plant problems any help will be apreciated
  6. bipolar

    Bonsai Tree

    I am growing this in an Aerogarden. I will post more pictures as it grows. Bipolar
  7. Oldbear

    Plant Problems Real Pictures

    I found this in a blog. Wanted to copy it here. All credit and many thanks to Rascio and iwltfum Plant Problems Using Real Pictures/
  8. B

    First timer

    Im trying to grow some blueberry and not sure what Im looking at i/2 the plants have purple stems and the other 1/2 are green stems is this telling me the sex or what I have 7 plants and having fun growing them. pictures to follow.having problems loading pictures sorry
  9. B

    Strange brown & black dots on petioles! Please help!

    Hi, we have a number of plants growing outdoors (different strains). Recently some of them have begun developing these dots on their petioles and moving into the leaf. I have attached some pictures. I haven't seen something like this before. We do not know if it is natural, a fungus, or a virus...
  10. N

    New grower

    Hi gents, Completely new to growing (and new here) and was looking for some advice. Hopefully this is in the right section? I have a mother plant at home which is growing fast, I didn't even think they grew so big but this thing is huge (IMO). I have it in a small greenhouse to keep prying...
  11. T

    Veg problem

    Hi guys, i have a problem with 3 of my babies, they are all about a month old soon and all are showing signs of some sort of a deff pictures bellow : i believe it to be MG deff not sure tho and would like help thx!
  12. S

    I wonder what strain this is

    I had a friend of mine give me some seeds from good nuggs, but none of the seeds were labeled, and only one of them took, so I clipped it, got that clipping to grow a nice little top to take from it and restart, but I still have no idea which strain it is... any know by the pictures
  13. F

    Should I start flushing?

    It's my first grow and even with the microscope I am still unclear with the tricomes.
  14. Billyberu


    Got my Garden Ready, do you have to pay to upload pictures I have some beautiful Young ladies
  15. P

    How to upload pics

    Can someone please help me upload pictures? I'm on an I pad.
  16. Z

    My First Grow & Journal

    Hi all!! First time grower from MA. I've kept track of what I have done as far as growing, and now that I've figured out how to post :high-five: I'm ready to share what I have managed to do. I am growing organic. Started with a cardboard box, had to expand that box (upwards), and I've...
  17. F

    First Grow Jack O'Here

    Hey guys I'm trying to conceal my Grow setup and design so I will not show or give details on how I have the plants growing. Sorry! However I will show pictures of the grow. I will also keep a journal of the grow and how i keep and maintain a successful plant(s). If I stumble upon problems or...
  18. Van Stank

    Help - New to the site - Can't upload pictures

    Hey all, Any help in adding pictures to the gallery so I can add to my grow journal would be greatly appreciated. I was able to add 4 pictures initially and now I keep getting error messages. I am trying by clicking on the "Gallery" tab and then I select "Upload Photos". From there I try to...
  19. P

    I am a first time grower! Need help sexing this plant! Think it is showing signs

    This is my first grow, I only have one plant. I wasn't careful with my second see after it germinated and like a fool I touched the tap root. So it died. My second seedling has grown and grown. I took some pictures that I could get close up as possible with my phone. They are not great. I...
  20. Gardenseed

    Introducing myself

    Kinda reluctant to start posting as I'm always teĺing myself to keep my hobby Farm to myself. .Being low key being my number one concern I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures of my girls and such. I love growing Seed.
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