pineapple express

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    Pineapple Express
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    Pineapple Express
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    Pineapple Express
  4. Dmanlee

    Autoflowers Topped & LST Training - Pineapple Kush & Express, Cheese, GSC

    Will upload photos tomorrow already about a week in but just figured out all the stuff on site and feel like it would be fun to share . Grow I just finished 3 Girl Scout autoflowers with a total yield of 175 grams for all 3 and that was my very first grow.. Current grow strains that I am...
  5. D

    Dragon's Soil Grow Of AK47 & Pineapple Express Auto 2017

    Hi all! This is my second grow. With the first, I started out with some basic research and initial supplies, but mostly it was a learn as you go endeavor. So now I'm taking what I learned from that one by doing it (and making many mistakes along the way) as well as much research on websites and...
  6. K

    Pineapple Express & Crystal Meth

    Pineapple Express Auto Crystal Meth Auto
  7. K

    2nd Grow Autos - Photo With LED

    Just started my second grow about two weeks ago Strains and seed company: Pineapple Express Auto (Fast Buds) Crystal Meth Auto (Fast Buds) Skunk #1 Auto (GYO) Golden Goat Photo Seeds from GYOGreen Soil: Happy Frog organic Nutes: Nectar for the Gods Roman Regime 2 Gallon Pots...
  8. M

    #1 Grow 100x100x200 Room - 300W LED - Pineapple Express Fastbuds & 3 Unknown

    hello you 420 scrollers ! i am new to this forum and looking to improve growing and be a part of the community here, i will not discuss any of my personal information with you guys and will jump straight into action from here on. i started my first MJ grow on 7/04 (3 plants, unknown if...
  9. O

    First Pineapple Express

  10. Bill the Cat

    Bill The Cat's Pineapple Express Grow

    Next up is Pineapple Express by G-13 Labs. 65-70 days, should put her at May 13, 2017 - May 18, 2017 for prospective finish date. 3 gallon pot Coco w/ Perlite approx. 80% -20% General Hydro Nutes Gorilla Lite 2'x2.5' tent Mars Hydro II 700 watt LED She was started in a 4" rock wool cube to try...
  11. J

    Jgriggs3's Soil Pineapple Express - Northern Lights - AK-47 Grow - Winter 2017

    Hi Folks, This is my first post on the forums. I am not really that new, I have been perusing the threads regularly for about a year as i learned my way through my first grow, I have just never had a desire to post before. I don't really get into the whole social media thing, largely because I...
  12. PopoPipo

    300W LED - Northern Lights & Pineapple Express - Auto - Hydro - 2nd Grow - With Love

    Hey Friends and Family! :Love: I am pleased to finally have some time to sit down and start this second grow journal. For everyone who hasn't seen my first grow yet, check it out. It might be helpful to understand some of the stuff I'm about to mention =) 300W LED - Hydroponic - Moby Dick...
  13. Magnus8

    Magnus8's - Coco Coir - Big Bud & Pineapple Express - First Grow Ever! - Grow Journal

    H'lo all! Well, I'm ringing in the New Year with a celebratory grow (actually, I've been planning it for a long time). I'm growing two Big Bud seeds and two Pineapple Express seeds. This is my first grow ever. I have never grown cannabis before. Hell, I've never even grown tomatoes before...
  14. W

    Weedbrothers - Grow Journal - CFL

    Thank you for checking out my grow journal. This is my first time growing medical marijuana. I will keep this thread updated on a weekly basis with photos. Please share any advice you may have, i'm a quick learner and a good listener. Thank you again for checking in!! I decided to go with CFL...
  15. M

    First Grow CFL - AK48 Auto - Pineapple Express Auto - Coco & Perlite

    Hello guys. So i have been reading a lot, specially on this particular forum and other good weed guide websites. The place i am growing in is not accessible to alot of the stuff used by normal growers in states or canada or uk. So bare with me and would appreciate all the help i can get ...
  16. S

    Need Feedback Pineapple Express Auto

    Hello yall, This is my first canabis grow and I need some feedback on my Pineapple Express Auto, it's 8-9 weeks old, and I'm just using purified water. It started to flower a couple of days ago. Also, could you estimate the yield and how much time do I still have for harvest? I...
  17. J

    JackStafford's - DWC - CFL - Pineapple Express Auto - Grow Journal - 2015

    Hi all. This is my second grow journal on 420. I also have an Easy ryder grow which will be finishing up in about a week if you wanna check it out. This grow: What strain is it? Barneys farm pineapple express Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Indica dom Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Veg If...
  18. Sir Budlovski

    Pineapple Express by Fast Buds

    Strain Name - Pineapple express auto From- Fast buds. Price - bought one seed from pick n mix seeds, can't recall price. Type - hybrid, Sativa dominant ruderalis Appearance - deep and light shades of green with bright orange/amber hairs, half fluffy half dense kind of bud. Smell -...
  19. M

    trichome problem

    I have a sativa dominate pineapple express that has been flowering for 14 weeks and hardly has any trichomes. What am I doing wrong?! I have heard that some strains can take up to 18 or even 22 weeks to finish, but this has me extremely worried that I've spent 14 weeks flowering crap! It stinks...
  20. BluDreamZ

    8x8 1000W MH/HPS Soil Grow 3 Reg & 3 Auto Strains All Fem

    8'X8' GROW ROOM 1000W - Lumatek Switchable Digital Ballast w/ MagnumXXXL Air Cooled Hood 2 - 200cfm Inline Fans 1 - 20" Oscillating Fan General Organics Complete Line of Nutrients FEMINIZED STRAINS: 4 - HSO - Blue Dream 2 - HSO - Sour Diesel #2 1 - G13 - Pineapple Express FEMINIZED AUTO...