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pineapple skunk

  1. Insanity566

    Insanity's Coco Grow Journal

    Hello everyone, first time posting a grow journal. I will be Doing 7 strains in this journal. Also will try and do weekly updates, even if its just photos. Some basic info before the pics. Also not exactly sure of age, but most will be within 2 weeks from seed/clone. Strains: HSO Blue Dream...
  2. K

    Kushington Farms Grows Farm Fav. Pineapple Skunk Plant with Lush LED Lights

    Good High my friends, Welcome to my grow journal, This Journal will feature a Pineapple Skunk Plant, I run 60% coco 20% perilite, 20% fox farm ocean floor mix along with a 1 Tbsp mycorrhiaze mixed into the soil. I use 12 Hydro LED Light | Lush Lighting | 888-960-4LED Dominators with a few...
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