1. Pineapple Express final 2.jpg

    Pineapple Express final 2.jpg

    sea of pineapples pic 2 " cropped "
  2. Pineapple express final 1.jpeg

    Pineapple express final 1.jpeg

    July 2019 harvest - 529 grams total dry bud weight -
  3. S

    Looking for reliable information on the strain Pineapple Express #2 by G13

    Hi, I'm looking for a strain which gives me a high yield and a short time till harvesting. Found the strain Pineapple Express #2. G13 gives the following informations: Pineapple Express by G13 Labs Seeds is impressive but here we are with improved version of this amazing plant. Highly...
  4. K

    Pineapple Express & Crystal Meth

    Pineapple Express Auto Crystal Meth Auto
  5. M

    Abandoned 3rd - Another By Mooshu - Sunsystem DE HPS

    Another by Mooshu NEVER STOP IMPROVING summery hello everyone I'm just beginning to put all my leafs together and about to lift off with another grow. this grow is not sponsored by sunsystems but id like to review and use their lights to give Double ended HPS' a try. ive been (on and off)...
  6. M

    Abandoned #1 Grow 100x100x200 Room, 300W LED, Pineapple Express Fastbuds & 3 Unknown

    hello you 420 scrollers ! i am new to this forum and looking to improve growing and be a part of the community here, i will not discuss any of my personal information with you guys and will jump straight into action from here on. i started my first MJ grow on 7/04 (3 plants, unknown if...
  7. E

    Pineapple Express: indica dominate or sativa dominate?

    Hi, I've read claims both ways. I'm asking about G13 Labs Pineapple Express hybrid. Some seed companies call it indica dominate, others sativa. Most people say it's a sativa, but many say indica. What are the properties of the high? This is my first experience with it. G13's website has...
  8. O

    First Pineapple Express

  9. K

    CA: Pineapple Express Pot Company Sued Over $685K In Unpaid Bills, Attorney Says

    A Desert Hot Springs marijuana grow collective spearheaded by the daughter of Hustler's Larry Flynt is being called "a bunch of smoke and mirrors" by an attorney suing the business contending it failed to pay three local companies nearly three quarters of a million dollars for their services...
  10. Jarimuana

    Abandoned Jari's Secret Garden

    Hello and Welcome! If you are reading this I am already dead... ...dead excited! Hi Guys! Jari here with the promised perpetual garden. I started this monster project at the end of January but I've posted almost no news about it since starting so we've got a lot to talk about! :welcome...
  11. G

    Outdoor Grow pH

    Howdy all, So I have an outdoor grow of two Indica Strains, delicious candy & Barneys pineapple chunk. I am in queensland Australia and it is the middle of our summer. These two plants are part of a previous thread - Is my plant re-vegging? Is my plant re-vegging? Hopefully that works. Cut...
  12. B

    First grow - Pineapple Kush auto & Caramelicious auto

    Hello all :ciao:, Just wanted to show a few shots of my plants and invite people to view my journal and such Pineapple kush 25 days Caramelicious 25 days side by side shot of the cab More going on in this grow...come check it out :bong: :thanks:
  13. odinsmaster

    Completed Odin's 2nd Go - Pineapple Express In Soil

    How's it going everyone, this will be my 2nd grow, you can see my first in my signature. I built a new room for this grow had to get out of the spare bedroom and go stealth. I will post pics of the room tonight. I will start my seeds as soon as my water lines thaw out, we hit -10° F...
  14. T

    Abandoned TheHillBilly's Pineapple Express Auto Grow - Soil - LED

    Hey, all! I am starting this Pineapple Express Auto Grow- same tent, same setup and environment as I have for the Blue Mystic Auto and the Blueberry Auto (both currently growing). I will begin posting plant pics as soon as she sprouts. Here is the set up: Breeder: Barney's Farm Strain...
  15. G

    Pineapple Express auto indoor

    Hey guys, i think i need some help since it's my first grow.So...i've got a pineapple express auto flower into an indoor grow box under 3 lamps (75w each). My problem is that in the seeds banks strain information is written that it will take about 8-10 weeks for harvest..Well, i am already at...
  16. S

    Harvest trim - QWISO & Nugs - 250w CFL RDWC - Single plant grow

    Very sativa dominant, euphoric and racey. Came from some unknown dank bagseed. Smells like skunky oranges and pineapple. 3-4 hour high, no matter the smoking method. Knocks you straight down even as a vet .
  17. fanleaf

    Completed Fanleaf Goes Hi-Brix On 6 Auto's

    Well for this round I bring you 6 Auto's with Doc's Hi-Brix method of growing. This is a new method for me so I will be learning a ton I'm sure. This is actually my very first 100% organic grow so I'm excited for that as well. I will be using a minimum of LST but depending on early growth...
  18. S

    Hello from Australia

    Hi im a new grower, just getting into hydro. I was just wondering what is a good breed of seeds to start with. fairly user friendly. I'm just using coir at the moment. I'm still looking for a good quality smoke. I always wanted to try pineapple express. Any info will be much appreciated. Thanks...
  19. unforgiven

    Pineapple Chunk finally sprouted not as expected

    so this is all that came of the pineapple chunk freebie from gorilla... at least 2-3 of a short video, but don't know if i can load it here. it's on top of a pretty dry rapid rooter. any ideas folks???
  20. K

    Completed Pineapple Express Autos - 140 Watts LED In Veg - 400 Watts LED & CFLs In Bloom

    Hey friends ! This's my 3rd grow, and my first with autos. After 2 successful northern lights grows I thought why not try something new, and this strain is one of the most famous and I'v never even smoked it before, so hopefully it'll go alright ;) 3 Barney's farm Pineapple express auto...
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