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pink kush

  1. Pink Kush mother.JPG

    Pink Kush mother.JPG

    I just snipped four cuttings from this one.
  2. IMG_20200402_072244.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm . It's a hit everyone is loving this buzz. Thank you seedsman for carrying this stuff and thank you Barneys farm and 420 Mag family for all Yoru help and support .
  3. IMG_20200309_083250.jpg


    So 2.5 in vac seal . Still burping what was left to. Fridge now out after 8 or 9 days in fridge . I'm saying at least another 3 zips in here not the denses of buds but still preforms as good .
  4. IMG_20200309_195412.jpg


    Busted up nice pinkish purple in her too awesome stuff seedsman much love Barneys farm and mars hydro and 420 magazine for sticking it out with me .
  5. IMG_20200309_195421.jpg


    Pink ksuh trial run 24 hr dark hung two days temps 55% Rh and 68-71f then fridge for 7 and in zip lock baggie 14 grams for me bene sitting therr in bag few days busty up tonight wow. thank you Barneys farm
  6. IMG_20200301_173723.jpg


  7. IMG_20200301_173757.jpg


    Pink kush
  8. IMG_20200301_173817.jpg


    Pink kush top cola shots ..260 wet final whieght.
  9. IMG_20200301_174215.jpg


    Nice heavy cola of pink kush
  10. IMG_20200301_110920.jpg


  11. IMG_20200301_110923.jpg


    The process begins again pink kush dark 24 period hung two days Rh 50% stable and temp was 70f wish for colder but meh now fridge slow dry.
  12. IMG_20200301_112721.jpg


    Pink kush cola shot
  13. IMG_20200301_112729.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm starting to chop and put in fridge . So excited to taste this baby got 92 wet in fridge to be continued have to paint .lol
  14. IMG_20200228_210323.jpg


    Barneys farm pink kush hanging day 1
  15. IMG_20200228_210335.jpg


    Pink kush in dark for 25 to ight hung and chopped week 11. flower.
  16. C47188C6-B0FD-442F-91F1-5CBF412C6153.jpeg


    Veg box ^^ Orange Sherbert is the biggest, then NL x GG4 and the Pink Kush got transplanted later.
  17. 5F3CF2A5-5ECE-434A-9B97-0B4D01987847.jpeg


    The veg box now has 1 Orange sherbert(in the back), one NLxGG4 (left) and one Pink Kush(right obviously lol)
  18. IMG_20200203_193019.jpg


    Pink kush cola she is huge pic doesn't show how big I say about size width of least a 500 ml bottle of water round and height .
  19. IMG_20200203_193056.jpg


    Pink kush Barneys farm Week 9 start .lots of milky no amber yet.
  20. IMG_20200130_193440.jpg


    True Terps thank you seedsman . Pink kush by Barneys farm outstanding .
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