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  1. B

    28 gram hash press into rosin

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here much in a while. Here is a video of my latest rosin press. I used between 73 and 140 micron of my bubblehash that I used pink kush and orange sherbert trim. 28 grams of hash in and 26 grams of delicious hash rosin Let me know what you think of it.
  2. Macdaddynabb

    The Cheese, White Widow, Rockstar, Pink Kush

    Some of my babies, looking pretty frosty, almost done just being patient waiting for Amber's.........Can't wait
  3. TriangleCheese

    TC Cranks All The Way Up: My Attempt To Max The Frost & Pounds

    It's been a long time since I started growing and from the first day, I've been dreaming about a huge and professional grow space. I am growing for myself and after my BG41 harvest, I fulled my stash and won't be running out of nugs anymore because I finally managed to prepare a proper grow...
  4. Pink Kush mother.JPG

    Pink Kush mother.JPG

    I just snipped four cuttings from this one.
  5. IMG_20200402_072244.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm . It's a hit everyone is loving this buzz. Thank you seedsman for carrying this stuff and thank you Barneys farm and 420 Mag family for all Yoru help and support .
  6. IMG_20200309_083250.jpg


    So 2.5 in vac seal . Still burping what was left to. Fridge now out after 8 or 9 days in fridge . I'm saying at least another 3 zips in here not the denses of buds but still preforms as good .
  7. IMG_20200309_195412.jpg


    Busted up nice pinkish purple in her too awesome stuff seedsman much love Barneys farm and mars hydro and 420 magazine for sticking it out with me .
  8. IMG_20200309_195421.jpg


    Pink ksuh trial run 24 hr dark hung two days temps 55% Rh and 68-71f then fridge for 7 and in zip lock baggie 14 grams for me bene sitting therr in bag few days busty up tonight wow. thank you Barneys farm
  9. IMG_20200301_173723.jpg


  10. IMG_20200301_173757.jpg


    Pink kush
  11. IMG_20200301_173817.jpg


    Pink kush top cola shots ..260 wet final whieght.
  12. IMG_20200301_174215.jpg


    Nice heavy cola of pink kush
  13. IMG_20200301_110920.jpg


  14. IMG_20200301_110923.jpg


    The process begins again pink kush dark 24 period hung two days Rh 50% stable and temp was 70f wish for colder but meh now fridge slow dry.
  15. IMG_20200301_112721.jpg


    Pink kush cola shot
  16. IMG_20200301_112729.jpg


    Pink kush by Barneys farm starting to chop and put in fridge . So excited to taste this baby got 92 wet in fridge to be continued have to paint .lol
  17. IMG_20200228_210323.jpg


    Barneys farm pink kush hanging day 1
  18. IMG_20200228_210335.jpg


    Pink kush in dark for 25 to ight hung and chopped week 11. flower.
  19. C47188C6-B0FD-442F-91F1-5CBF412C6153.jpeg


    Veg box ^^ Orange Sherbert is the biggest, then NL x GG4 and the Pink Kush got transplanted later.
  20. 5F3CF2A5-5ECE-434A-9B97-0B4D01987847.jpeg


    The veg box now has 1 Orange sherbert(in the back), one NLxGG4 (left) and one Pink Kush(right obviously lol)
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