1. KyeaMofire

    Colorful Cannabis Photography

    Lake of Fire x Bubba Dog. Full Sun Outdoor. Grown by Kyea Mofire
  2. Red Afro

    Red Afro

    #3 Day 2 Flower
  3. Red Afro clones

    Red Afro clones

    1 gal
  4. Red Afro

    Red Afro

  5. 16ECED3A-4598-4BB6-AE08-722F2DE0CDFE.jpeg


    Look at the hood ornament
  6. 682146E5-3A59-409C-8E8F-8E43E0303781.jpeg


  7. CE5CB321-80B5-4BC5-90F2-22DC8EDAC5BA.jpeg


  8. G

    Pink Mango

    Hi - interested in pink mango (Brazil). Any insights into how one might come across this variety? Looking for seeds. E.g. Breeders. Thanks G
  9. Ian Bastage

    Broken Coast Savary Pink Kush

    Strain Name — Savary (Pink Kush) From — Broken Coast Cannabis When — 9/17 Price - $8.50 per gram Type — Indica Dominant (70/20) 20.4% THC <0.04% CBD Appearance —Big sticky buds including a monster bud that barely fit into the jar with visible trichomes. Moist yet dry — wonderful. Smell —...
  10. Jorgie Nuggz

    Completed Grow Number Two: The Keeper Of The Northern Lights & The Lady In Pink

    And so it begins. So yesterday I decided that I was not going to be bullied into stopping. I have always been a REBEL and at 55 years young I'm not going to stop now. This is now my second grow and not an experiment. GENETICS; Bubblicious By RESIN SEEDS. (LADY IN PINK) Bubblegum...
  11. F

    Pink Harlequin

    Has anyone heard of this strain? Apparently its an experimental medicinal strain, Pink Kush x Harlequin. With moderate THC levels and a high a CBD ratio (5:1) thats what i heard. I searched and couldnt find any more info about this strain and or pics of it. So , is this a legit strain?
  12. B

    Stems Turning Slightly Pink On Fan Leaves.

    So just noticed today that where the fan leaves start from the stem, it's turning kinda pink. Not severely. But just curious. Today is the warmest temperature the plants have had to deal with so far. Wondering if that could be it? Temps around 86 or so right now. Its 90 degrees out so not much I...
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