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  2. Brass pipe

    Brass pipe

    Brass pipe
  3. Aqua Lab Tech

    420 Sales At Aqua Lab Technologies

    Make sure to mark your calendars for the Annual 420 Sale at Bongs, Bubblers, Dab Rigs and Water Pipes | AquaLabTechnologies.com The entire site and retail store will be 20% OFF for 20 Days Starting April 14th and Ending May 3rd.
  4. L

    Is there a way to grow organic with autopots?

    on their site it says it will clog the pipes.
  5. CO Finest

    Show Off Your Smoking Utensil

    Here are some of my soon to be broken in smoking utensil's. I have many and will post more soon. If you got one Please post. Thank you for looking. Here is Warlock This is Rastafari And last but not least this is Gandalf (You shall not pass!!!)
  6. Massdrop

    67% off Simba Concentrate Pipes, 52% off Simba Water Pipes

    Hey Everyone, Massdrop is currently running buys on the Simba Concentrate Pipes (67% off - $89.99) and the Simba Water Pipes (52% off - $95.99) Please PM me or email me if you have any questions! Thanks, Kunal kunal@massdrop.com
  7. Massdrop

    30% off Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.0, 38% off MFLB Finishing Grinder

    Hey Everyone, Massdrop is currently running buys on the Magic Flight Power Adapter (30% off - $54.99) MFLB Finishing Grinder (38% off - $23.99) RooR: Ice Master 18 Inch Water Pipe (48% off - $159.99) RooR Tech: Flush Recycler (35% off - $359.99) Pinnacle Pro...
  8. S

    Celebration pipes

    hey i just orders a rasta fire celebration pipe and i was wondering if anyone else out there has ordered one and how long did it take to get in from the day u ordered i?
  9. M

    My glass pieces

    These are my babies. This is Anubis- This is Hyperbole- This is my bong. Thinking about calling it Amber Mist. Anyone have name suggestions?- Just got this bubbler 7 days ago. Any name suggestions?- This is my third bowl. Still has no name.- RoorRip
  10. JuicyFruit4Me

    Pipe links, Bong Links! Post em!

    I'm really interested in buying some new smoking equipment. Bongs, pips ect... Could you please post a link to your favorite Head Shop Website so some quality shopping can be done :thumb:. Thanks SOOO MUCH GUYS/GALS!
  11. L

    i smoke weed every day

    Hey what's up the name is logik aka canibus priest. I live in califorinia the best place to Find weed anywhere. I'm a magiver smoker I make water bongs, gravity bongs, anti-gravity bongs, Pipes. I try to use different materials every time I do smoke weed as much as I can. I'm into punk Music...
  12. H

    Where, if any where to buy Roor water pipes.

    I've been searching high and low to find a place i can purchase a roor bong. preferably online. If you have any info send me a pm or comment. thanks.
  13. eScott

    Why must I break so many glass bowls?

    If this is karma, I must've been a real asshole in a past life. I swear to jeebus everytime I get a pipe, cheap or serious heft blown glass, I'll break that shit in a week. Can't blame the wife, can't blame the cats. It's always me. Outta my lap to floors, spontaneous shattering. It's me. Bad...
  14. 420

    Darby Holm Glass Pipes

    Darby stopped by the other day to show us some of his amazing art... Check it out!
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